I have had five of the Davidoff Nicaragua Toros since they came in at #3 on Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 of 2013. This was one of my first Davidoff cigars and I had big expectations. As far as I am aware, this is Davidoff’s first step into the world of Nicaraguan puro cigars. I smoke a lot of Nicaraguan cigars and Nicaraguan tobacco seems to be everywhere as more and more cigar brands want their own Nica puro. Therefore, will the Davidoff Nica toro simply be part of a growing trend or will it take Nicaraguan puros in a new direction?

The Basics:

  • Wrapper, Binder and Filler are Nicaraguan
  • This toro size is a 5 1/2″ x 54
  • Even though the cigar is a Nica puro, it was rolled in the Dominican Republic and the tobacco was shipped there.
  • This came in at #3 in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 of 2013 and scored a 95/100
  • I had this cigar at night and had at least 5 of these over the past few months
  • This cigar was purchased from Cigar Hut

Draw and Burn:

For some reason this cigar appears larger than a 54 ring gauge. It seems like a big cigar and there is a lot of tobacco there. Having said that, the draw and burn are excellent. The burn was quite even throughout the smoke and didn’t need any big corrections. The draw as dialed in the way I like it. It was not too tight and not too loose; just enough give. On some of the toros I have had in the past the draw can get a bit too loose, but there was never a major problem. Unlike the Las Calaveras, the draw held throughout the entire cigar and did not get too loose in the final two thirds. The burn did waver from time to time, but it did not impact the flavor or the experience. All and all, this draw and burn is the definition of “A grade.”

Final Grade: A


It goes without saying that if the burn and draw is an A, the construction would be pretty good. It is difficult to have a great burn and draw with bad construction. First of all, the cigar looks great with a nice sheen on a well presented wrapper. I think the Davidoff Nica toro has amazing construction overall. The cigar itself has nice give to it and is a bit springy. It keeps its shape well throughout the smoke and never burns hot. The combustion rate was just right and allowed the subtle flavors to really come through. Most importantly, it really held up in the final third. There is nothing that can ruin a cigar more than having a great experience with the first two thirds and then having the cigar soften up and turn into a sponge for the final third. This cigar stays firm and burns well throughout the entire experience. It is not as well constructed as a Paul Stulac or RoMa Craft cigar, but that is splitting hairs. It is a well made cigar that lives up to Davidoff’s reputation.

Final Grade: A


This is where the cigar can either fall into “just another Nica puro” pile or it will set itself apart from the pack. Right away in the first third you can tell that Davidoff is trying something different. You get the first hit of pepper and spice, which has become a signature of Nicaraguan filled cigars. This is not as amped up as other Nicaraguan cigars; such as cigars from My Father. There is a roasted quality to these flavors and you are quickly moved into a developing creamy texture. This vanilla cream richness layered over a roasted spice foundation immediately sets the Davidoff apart from other Nicaraguan cigars.

These creamy and roasted flavors continue to develop in complexity over the second third. The creamy component in the finish is not overpowering and balances out the pepper and spice flavors well. On the retrohale I am picking up some subtle oak and wood notes, which works well with the rest of the finish. I am also getting slight hints of coco and earth to go along with the more prominent cream and spice flavors. The finish is getting very complex and extremely well balanced. This is a tremendous finish and far more nuanced and complex than other cigars of this size. For example, there is far more complexity here than in the Las Calaveras, which also used Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler and was a similar length and ring gauge.

As the second third finishes the creamy and sweet flavors dial back and earth and spice flavors begin to move in the forefront. It doesn’t burn hot, but the final third on a few of the cigars I had can get a bit harsh and heavy on the palate. The earth flavors adds some great richness to the finish and really adds a nice texture. It is unclear whether this final harshness is unique to a few of the cigars I had or more prevalent throughout the line. The other handful I have had did not have this issue at all, so I tend to think it is an isolated thing.

Final Grade: A / A+


First of all, it is good to see something new in the Nicaraguan puro space. Davidoff delivers on both construction and flavors. I found the finish complex and extremely enjoyable. Moreover, this is not a strong cigar. Sometimes a cigar’s strength can overpower subtle flavors in the finish; however, this cigar has a great balance between flavor and strength. This balance allows the more subtle flavors to come through and really shine. What really makes the cigar is the layered finish of vanilla creaminess on the front end with some nice roasted spice flavors at the back of the palate. I’m excited to see if Davidoff continues to expand into different Nicaraguan blends.

It is splitting hairs, but the flavors in the final third and the construction are not quite at Hall of Fame status, but this is an amazing cigar. I would make this a humidor necessity. It is a bit pricey, but it is a must smoke. Maybe do a box split with someone, but all cigar smokers need to experience this cigar multiple times. Moreover, this cigar deserves a place in the Cigar Hall of Fame.

Overall Grade: A+



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