In this special Halloween review I take a look at the Tatuaje Mummy from 2012. First of all, this was a generous gift to me by Brett Smith. I have always been fascinated by the Monster Series by Pete; however, I never had the opportunity to see what it was all about. I heard people rave about the Pudgy Monsters and only heard tales of the other Monster cigars. The Monster Series itself dates back to 2008 with The Frank. Since 2008 there have been yearly additions: The Drac (2009), The Face (2010), The Wolfman (2011), The Mummy (2012), The JV 13 (2013), the Pudgy Monster Sampler (2014), The Jeckyll (2014) and the upcoming Hyde (2015). I probably left out some line extensions and special editions, but that is a good overview. These cigars are highly sought after and sell out quickly. I am forever in Brett’s debt for gifting me The Wolfman, The JV 13 and The Mummy. Enough of my yammering, let’s take a look at this spooky Halloween cigar…..IF YOU DARE……..

The Basics:

  • This cigar was released in 2012 and was on Will Cooper’s top 10 of 2012.
  • The cigar itself is part of the Tatuaje Monster Series, but is made in the My Father factory
  • At the time this was the largest release in the Monster Series
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo
  • Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
  • The Mummy has a protected, or covered, foot….some may say it is “all wrapped up.” Get it? Mummy? Sorry.
  • This is a 7 3/4″ x 47 Churchill Extra – Sort of part churchill and part double corona
  • I smoked this at night and it lasted roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Thanks again Brett. You are the best.

Draw and Burn:

First of all, for such a large cigar there may be draw issues. I am not a huge fan of churchills, because I find they have burn and draw issues. However, the draw on this cigar was smooth and perfect the entire time. The burn was also fantastic and stayed sharp for the entire smoke. This was great to see in such a large cigar. I never had to correct the burn or felt that the draw was getting too loose or too tight. Having said that, if you are not watching yourself you can go too hard on the draw and burn the cigar too quickly. Therefore, keep a good pace on the cigar and don’t worry about it going out. This is one churchill you will not have to babysit. In fact, the more you savor the smoke the better the burn and draw will perform. All and all, I am very impressed that the burn and draw can remain so consistent and smooth over such a long time and with so much tobacco.

Final Grade: A


This cigar had impeccable construction. It never got soft and kept it’s shape the entire smoke. The ash held on well and was not an issue. Like I mentioned previously, the stand out in the construction is the burn rate. I found that this cigar burned at a very good rate and did not have to be babysat too closely. At times I thought I let the cigar go too long and had to re-light it; only to find that it burned as smooth and easily as before. I appreciate that, because the last thing I want to do with such a long cigar is have to watch it too quickly. When you have to babysit a cigar it takes you out of the experience and you worry more about the cigar being lit than the flavors you are picking up. I love the vitola, I love the burn, I love the construction.

Final Grade A+


This is where the cigar earns its reputation. The Mummy was an amazing flavor journey with great transitions between each third. Let’s start at the top. The first third had a variety of sweet, creamy and spicy flavors. Right off the bat you get a nice spice and pepper flavor with creamy notes. This is mellow and smooth, which may be a function of the cigar’s age and might have been a bit bolder when the cigar was young. Coffee and caramel notes make an appearance as this third progresses and offer a nice counter balance to the more spicy foundation. The caramel flavor even has some citrus qualities at times and is just amazing when balanced out with the creamy texture and spice in the background. This is a well layered and complex opening third.

There is a richness that develops throughout the cigar and it welcomes you into the second third. This is a little more of the same with caramel and citrus notes coming over from the first third. There is also a slight grassy component that really added to the cigar. Normally, I expect this grassy flavor from a candela cigar, but it was quite welcome in the Mummy. There is a deep richness near the end of this third with hints of dark cherry and earth. Man I love this cigar.

The final third is like a gorgeous sunset. Earth, tobacco, grass and toasted flavors all balance out wonderfully. There is a nice richness and warmth to this finish. Even though the citrus and creamy flavors are not present, the flavors in this final third are not harsh on the palate and balance out well. This is a tremendous cigar with a very unique flavor experience.

Final Grade: A+


This is an amazing cigar. I have not had the rest of the Monsters, but this cigar was worth the wait. The finish is so complex and so well balanced that flavors move in and out seamlessly. Moreover, it sits well on the palate with a nice deep and rich texture. I will scour secondary markets, like Indiana Jones after some rare idol, in search of this cigar. There is nothing more I can say other than it was a unique and entrancing cigar experience.

This is easily in the cigar hall of fame. If it was not a limited edition, I would tell you to have one in your humidor at all times. However, it is a limited edition and quite hard to find. Therefore, if you can find a few on a secondary market, be sure to pick up at least 2 or 3. If you find more than that……drop me a line and I’ll go in with you on some.

Overall Grade: BOO!!! Got ya…… A +

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