Dictador Rum had a small range of cigars hand rolled in Colombia and was looking to expand their line. In early 2014 they turned to one of their distributors, Australian Jason Nelson. Jason reached out to his long term friend, Abe Flores of PDR Cigars. You may know Abe Flores from his cigar the A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Capa Habano SP52, which was #10 on Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 of 2015. Together Abe and Jason created three blends for the Dictador cigar portfolio and this review focuses on the Pavo Real. This is a mild to medium cigar blended to pair well with Dictador Gin. Let’s see how this cigar performs…..

Information and Appearance:

Brand:  Dictador Pavo Real – PDR

How did I get it: Jason Nelson provided this cigar for review.

Length of smoke: Similar to the J. Nelson 1974, this cigar lasted roughly an hour. I think the average smoker would smoke it between 60 – 75 minutes.

Cigar Info:

  • Vitolas:
    • Grand Robusto – 5 x 56 (This Review)
    • Half Corona – 3 1/2 x 46
  • Cigar Blend:
    • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
    • Binder: Dominican / Nicaraguan
    • Filler: Dominican / Nicaraguan / Columbian

This cigar has a beautiful and smooth Connecticut wrapper, which has a lovely light hay colour. Construction looks top notch and the dry draw is a good balance of loose enough to smoke, but with the right amount of resistance.

Draw and Burn:

The draw is nice and smooth right out of the gate. The cigar produces a large amount of smoke with little effort. However, the draw is not too loose, so you will not have to worry about burning the cigar too hot. There is just enough resistance to ensure a good burn rate without being too tight. Moreover, the draw performs well throughout the cigar and remains consistent.

The burn does get a bit wavy at the beginning of the cigar and remains a bit jagged through the first two thirds. In the final third the cigar needs to be touched up a little to keep the burn true. However, these minor burn issues had little to no impact on the smoking experience.

Score: 92


From the outset the Pavo Real looks like a well made cigar. The wrapper is smooth with no cracking and the cigar itself feels very solid. The cigar burns well through out and the combustion rate keeps the cigar going at a nice pace, which is key for such a mild cigar. A good combustion rate allows the cigar to burn hot enough to let you enjoy more delicate flavours without burning so hot that the cigar becomes harsh. The cigar keeps its shape well during all three thirds and the ash holds well. It does get a little soft near the end and there are some burn issues; however, the overall construction is quite good.

Score: 92

First Third:

For a mild to medium cigar, the true test is going to be the flavour. Some mild Connecticuts do one flavour well, but lack complexity and others are simply mild in every way and are not unique at all. This cigar stars out with a nice finish with a number of different flavours all well balanced. I tasted a nutty and buttery note, which is what you would expect from a Connecticut. However, there were some biscuit and spice flavours at the back of the finish that gave it a bit of a kick. This is a nice added dimension and gives the finish some complexity and keeps your interest. Near the end of this third there is a nice smooth tobacco flavour. All and all, this is a solid beginning to the cigar.

Score: 88

Second Third:

The smooth nutty and buttery flavours continue at the beginning of this third. There is still a hint of spice and tobacco flavours, which gives these creamy notes a bit of a kick. There is also a slight honey flavour that comes up in the background. This is a fantastic addition and really livens the blend, which is like having lime zest in a salsa. The honey brings the rest of the blend to life and sparks your interest. In terms of strength this is a mild cigar; however, it does have body and is big on flavour. This third rounds out with some lovely cedar and tobacco flavours. This was my favourite part of the cigar.

Score: 91

Final Third:

The nutty and buttery flavours are still there; however, they are moving more into the background. The cedar and tobacco flavours are really kicking up and last through out this final third. These flavours work well together and provide a nice close to the cigar. There are slight corrections to the burn during this third; however, the cigar itself does not get harsh.

Score: 90


This is a very solid Connecticut, which has both complexity and body. This is a mild – medium cigar, so you can smoke it anytime. I think it would be great with coffee and a drink with some citrus in it. All and all this is an enjoyable smoke that I hope to have again.

Overall Score: 90 – Excellent


Now, I am not a huge Connecticut smoker, so I do not buy a lot of Connecticuts in general. However, a Connecticut smoker will get a lot out of this cigar and could easily work through 10. I will definitely get 10 in the half corona size and I look forward to smoking that. Therefore, this cigar reaches the 10er status.

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