As many of you know, I love the Undercrown blend from Drew Estate. This blend originally came together when the rollers were smoking too many Liga Privadas and Drew Estate stated that they needed to save those for the the market. So, the rollers came up with a blend to mimic the Liga blend and smoked that instead. That cover of the Liga is the Undercrown. I personally like the Undercrown more than the Liga Privada blend. I have smoked it in the Gran Toro and the Corona Viva, but I have been very excited to try it in the Flying Pig size. Let’s see if it stacks up with the other vitolas……..

Information and Appearance:

Brand: Undercrown – Drew Estate

How did I get it: I bought this from Cigar Hut. I smoked roughly three of these before this review.

Length of Smoke: This cigar should take about 80 minute or so. Even though it is short, the construction is quite solid and it will take that long to work through it.

Cigar Info:

  • Vitola:
    • Flying Pig – 4.2 x 60
  • Cigar Information:
    • Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
    • Binder: Connecticut Habano – This is similar to the wrapper in the Liga Privada, but is a different priming than the Liga blend
    • Filler: Nicaragua and Brazilian Mata Fina

This cigar looks fantastic. The royal blue and gold band is set off nicely against the dark brown wrapper. The cigar itself appears to have solid construction with the well known pigtail at the top. The dry draw is fantastic with just enough resistance and promises to perform well during the smoke.

Draw and Burn:

The dry draw on this cigar gave a good indication on how the draw would perform during the smoke. In general, the draw is smooth, yet with enough resistance to not be too loose. The first few draws on the cigar are a bit tight, but when the burn gets past that initial tapered end, the draw really opens up and performs well. The draw itself stays consistent throughout the smoke and does not get too loose over time.

The burn is quite consistent. The smooth draw combined with the even burn allows the blend to perform at its best. However, the burn line does waver in the cigar’s second and final thirds, which will require slight corrections. Having said that, these burn issues are minor and have little impact on the cigar experience.

Score: 92


As I mentioned in the initial part of the review, the cigar is well constructed. The wrapper is smooth and the cigar itself feels solid with enough give that it is not rock hard. The cigar keeps its shape throughout the smoke and the ash holds well.

These are components of a well made cigar; however, the cigar really shines in its combustion rate. The cigar smokes at an even pace and is quite manageable for a cigar with a 60 ring gauge. With most large ring gauge cigars I find there is some tar build up at the end, which gives the final third a bitter taste. This cigar had none of that build up and smoked really well. This even combustion and pace really lets the blend shine and some of the more delicate flavors come through.

Score: 94

First Third:

There is a great spice and rich syrup taste right off the bat. The syrup flavor has a dark fruit / cherry quality to it, which is delicious. When the cigar opens up past the initial taper dark chocolate notes begin to appear, which balance well against the slight spice and dark cherry notes. As the first third progresses, these unique flavors are balanced against a hearty tobacco flavor. This is a very complex and well layered beginning to the cigar.

All of these flavors are wrapped within a rich and smooth texture. It is this richness that really takes these flavors over the top and makes this first third and incredible experience. All and all this is one of the best first thirds of a cigar that you can have.

Score: 95

Second Third:

The amazing richness and depth found in the first third are present in the beginning of the second third. The hearty tobacco flavor found at the end of the first third comes out more in the second third and provides a foundation for the rest of the finish to be built upon. Dark chocolate is the other main flavor, which works really well with the central tobacco flavor. The cigar becomes very interesting at the end of this third as some sweet spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg come through.

The draw and burn are excellent at this point in the cigar. This excellent burn rate and smooth draw allows these sweet spice and dark chocolate notes to come though and shine.

Score: 95

Final Third:

This third begins with a wonderful syrupy sweetness that is rich and smooth. At this point the draw is still performing well, but the burn is getting a big wayward and needs some slight corrections. There are still hearty tobacco flavors, but with hints of honey sweetness at the end. One drawback is that the cigar burns a little hot, which throws the balance off and you lose some of those more delicate flavors. Having said that, the flavors you do get are fantastic and they deliver all the way to the end.

Score: 92


I think that this Flying Pig size is the best vitola for the blend and is how the Undercrown should be experienced. I find that you get flavors in the Undercrown blend that are expertly balanced against each other and flavors that you will not find in most cigars. This is an amazing blend, which must be experienced in this vitola. I look forward to smoking many, many, many more of these.

Overall Score: 94 – Hall of Fame


This is easily a hall of fame cigar. I believe that this is the best vitola for one of the best blends on the market. Smoking it is a no brainer and everyone reading this needs to smoke this cigar. If you have had an Undercrown before, this cigar will give you the best smoking experience for that blend, If you are new to the Undercrown, this is the perfect place to start. Be sure to pick up as many of these as you can before they are gone.

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