Partagas is one of the oldest cigar brands and was established in Cuba in 1845. There are a number of famous cigar lines in their arsenal; including the Serie D No. 4, the 898, the Lusitania and the Short. The Patragas Short is a favorite of may people, including Catfish from Habanos Critic and What Embargo. I also really enjoy the shorts and half coronas from Habanos S.A. Even though this is a short, expect to get 30 – 40 minutes out of this cigar. Let’s see what is packed in this small cigar.

Cigar Information and Appearance:

  • Brand: Partagas – Habanos S.A.
  • Where did I get it: I bought this from Cigar Hut
  • Cigar Info:
    • Vitolas: Just the short – 4.3 x 42
    • Blend
      • Wrapper: Cuba
      • Binder: Cuba
      • Filler: Cuba
    • Looks great with a nice light tan wrapper. This is one of my favourite vitolas.
    • Dry draw is dead on with a little spice.

Burn and Draw:

Draw and burn are key components of any cigar, but they are especially important for such a small vitola. If the draw is too loose you can quickly run through such a small cigar and destroy any nuance in the finish. The Partagas Short’s draw is dead on and gives enough resistance to burn this cigar at a steady rate. Near the end of the cigar the draw tightens up slightly, but this is only evident if you burn the cigar right down to the end.

The burn is also excellent. There are slight corrections during the smoke, but nothing that would detract from the overall experience. I really appreciate such a well constructed burn and draw on such a short cigar with such a small ring gauge. This indicates the skill involved in making this cigar. The one downside is that the draw does tighten up in the final third.

Score: 89


Overall, the Partagas Short is well constructed. The cigar keeps its shape well throughout the smoke and there is no cracking or ash issues. Most importantly, the cigar smokes extremely well. The combustion rate is at just the right pace and the cigar burns smooth and cool during the entire smoke. Flavors aside, the cigar is very pleasant to smoke and is consistent from beginning to end. I also really appreciate how such a small cigar keeps its shape in the final third and does not get too soft or fall apart.

Score: 93

First Third:

Right off the bat you are greeted with a spice hit with a slight cream note. The spice gives the cigar a good zing and really livens up the experience. This spice component puts you on the edge of your seat and excited to see what comes next. There is also a wonderful tobacco flavor that creates a solid foundation for the rest of the flavors to build upon. Near the end of this third the cigar begins to take on a vanilla cream note, which smoothes out spice and tobacco flavors. The first third sets the table for a complex smoking experience.

Score: 91

Second Third:

This is where the cigar really smoothes out with a layered finish of vanilla cream, tobacco and spice flavors. Spice notes give the cigar that zing found in the first third, which nicely cuts through other tobacco and vanilla flavors. The cigar itself has a wonderful depth and the vanilla notes adds a lot of flavor and creates a lot of interest.

Flavor aside, this third is where I noticed the cigar’s strength. I would put this cigar at a medium and possibly a medium plus in strength. This is enough strength to give the cigar some body, but not too much that it overpowers the finish. Overall, there is a good balance between flavor and strength.

Score: 92

Final Third:

Flavors in the final third have a bit of edge to them. This might be tamped down with a few months of age; however, the bite is not overboard and does not take away from the finish. The vanilla note is still there, but more in the background. Even though this vanilla note is diminished, it still plays a vital role in the finish and adds complexity. If you slow down your pace, the cigar develops a hearty finish with some oak and earth flavors. This third is bolder than the previous two thirds and gives the final third complexity, which I appreciate. Too often cigars lose their balance in the final third and become too harsh or one dimensional to enjoy. The Partagas Short continues to develop unique flavors and remain interesting and enjoyable.

Score: 91


I really enjoy shorts and half coronas. Exceptional cigar sin this vitola offer shorter smokes with the depth and complexity you would find in a corona, robusto or corona gorda. The Partagas Sort fits this mould with a complex finish comprised of spice, tobacco, oak, earth and vanilla. Moreover, flavors continue to develop and transition all the way to the end. This cigar smokes well new and should perform even better with some age. I think this would be a good introduction to Habanos for beginning cigar smokers, as well as a refreshing short smoke for experienced cigar smokers. The Partagas Short, along with the H. Upmann Half Corona and the Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Shots, is an excellent example of how small cigars can pack tons of flavor and complexity.

Overall Score: 91 – Excellent


For people like me who love shorts and half coronas, this is an easy 10er recommendation. I would even look at getting 20 if you are a fan of this vitola. For cigar smokers who are not familiar with shorts, I would recommend picking up 10 without hesitation. I suggest smoking some young and setting some aside to age. The challenge is having the patience to keeps a few to age without smoking all of them in the first few months.

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