Dion Giolito’s Illusione Fume d’ Amour came onto the market in 2014 and was rated as highly as #3 on Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 of that year. Fume d’ Amour translates into “Smoke of Love” and the cigar itself looks luxurious and enticing. This is my first cigar I have ever had from Illusione’s portfolio and I am very excited to see how it performs.

Information and Appearance:

  • Brand: Illusione
  • Where did I get it: This was from Cigar hut in Australia
  • Cigar Info:
    • Vitolas:
      • Lagunas: 4 ½ x 42
      • Clementes: 6 ½ x 48 (This Review)
      • Viejos: 5 x 50
      • Capristanos: 6 x 56
    • Blend
      • Wrapper: Nicaragua
      • Binder: Nicaragua
      • Filler: Nicaragua
    • The wrapper has a reddish hint to it and looks amazing
    • The wrapper has a nice oily feel to it and the construction is top notch. The dry draw is a bit tight and there are spice flavors present.
    • This is a 90 minute smoke and could go a little over that. It is meant to be savored and it smokes well for the whole 90 minutes.

Burn and Draw:

The draw starts a bit tight and had me a little concerned. However, this goes away after the first two minutes and the draw is excellent for the remainder of the smoke. Most importantly, the draw has just enough resistance to allow for an even smoking pace without burning hot.

The burn was impeccable. This cigar has one of the cleanest burns I have had in a long time. There were minor corrections in the final third; however, this had no impact on the experience. Both the burn and draw remained consistent throughout the cigar, which was very impressive in the final third.

Score: 94


The amazing burn and draw illustrate the cigar’s high level of construction. Illusione’s Fume d’ Amour is an extremely well made cigar. The wrapper is gorgeous and there is no cracking or problems with it at all. Most importantly, the cigar burns at an even pace and keeps that pace for the entire 90 minutes. Some cigars will burn hot or lose their shape as the smoke progresses. This cigar kept its shape well and the final third performed just as well as the first third. The ash held on nicely, which allowed the cigar to burn cool and for the flavors to come out and shine.

Score: 95


First Third:

Spice and pepper greet you right off the bat and make a big impression. As the first third progresses, a wonderful cream note develops and gives the cigar a nice rich characteristic. Flavors build upon each other during the first 15 – 20 minutes to create a nuanced and complex finish. During the first third there are notes of cream, bakers spice (cinnamon), gram cracker and slight hints of honey. It is always exciting to experience such a complex finish in the first third. The cigar itself is roughly medium strength and has just enough strength to balance out with the finish and not overpower it. To me, this cigar is not about strength, but is about flavor.

Score: 94

Second Third:

The slight honey notes found in the first third come into their own at the beginning of the second third. Flavors in the second third build upon those developed in the first third. For example, cinnamon, honey and cream are still present; however, new flavors of oak, rich tobacco and earth add to the finish’s complexity. These new flavors give the finish a hearty feel gives the finish a great depth. The most interesting aspect of this third are the honey notes. Honey sweetness cuts through the oak, tobacco and earth flavors quite nicely and gives the cigar a lift. Moreover, these honey notes give the cigar some interest and are perfect counterpoints to the more hearty flavors; simply amazing.

Score: 95

Final Third:

During this final third the combustion, draw and burn are all performing very well. Moreover, the cigar keeps its shape well, which is a testament to its high level of construction. Honey sweetness that originated in the first third, and brought the cigar to life in the second third, are virtually gone in the final third. Instead, the final third builds on earth, tobacco and oak flavors. The strength also kicks up in this final third, but this is a good match for the hearty and savory finish found in this final third. Most importantly, the final third continues to remain well balanced with a complex finish. This is not a cigar that is going to quietly run out of gas or get too harsh, but will continue to provide a unique smoking experience.

Score: 94


The Illusione Fume d’ Amour is an amazing cigar experience. The finish is very complex with flavors of spice, pepper, cream, cinnamon, honey, oak, tobacco and earth. Most importantly, the cigar gives you a complex finish with unique flavors from the first third to when you smoke it all the way down. The draw, burn and construction are excellent and illustrate the passion and attention to detail that went into making this cigar. This is an extremely well made cigar with the complexity to match.

Overall Score: 94 – Excellent



First off, I want to smoke all the different sizes to experience how the blend performs. This cigar is a great vitola and the blend is fantastic in this 6 ½ x 48. I loved this cigar and it is an easy box purchase.

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