Sean Williams formed El Primer Mundo (EPM) in 2006. His philosophy is to us the best tobacco available to create unique small batch cigars. In fact, the EPM website lists passion, craftsmanship and fine tobacco as the core characteristics of the brand. Let’s see if that passion and commitment to excellence comes through in the Epifania….

Information and Appearance:

  • Brand: El Primer Mundo (EPM)
  • Where did I get it: Provided by Jason Nelson from Dictador
  • Cigar Info:
    • Vitolas:
      • Robusto – 5 x 50 (this review)
      • Toro – 6 x 52
      • Presidente – 6.5 x 52
    • Blend
      • Wrapper: Ecuadorian
      • Binder: Nicaraguan
      • Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan
    • The burn time is roughly 90 minutes and that included smoking the cigar all the way down.
    • Construction looks great and the wrapper has a nice tan color to is and is quite smooth.

Burn and Draw:

The draw on this cigar is fairly smooth with just enough resistance and it remains consistent throughout the smoke. There are no issues with the draw whatsoever.

Unlike the draw, the burn is a little inconsistent. During the first third the burn was a bit jagged; however, I never felt the need to correct it. As the cigar progressed, the burn evened out and was not an issue. The burn itself will never become razor sharp, but it will remain fairly even and not need corrections.

Score: 91


One aspect of cigar making EPM has down is construction. The cigar looks amazing and it keeps its shape well throughout the smoke. Moreover, the ash holds well and breaks off in nice chunks. Most importantly, the cigar smokes at a nice pace. I have waxed lyrically about how much I love a nice even combustion rate and this cigar has that even pace. Such an even combustion rate really allows the more subtle flavors to shine. So, enough with the construction and let’s talk flavor.

Score: 91

First Third:

You are greeted with some nice spice notes up front; however, these are not overpowering. Suddenly, the finish gains complexity as cedar and leather flavors balance with the spice to make a nice layered experience. This layered finish continues throughout the first third. The foundation for the finish is a nice spice flavor and layers of rich caramel, coffee, cedar and leather continue to build off of it as the cigar heads towards the second third. It is a unique experience to have such a complex first third and it sets the table for the rest of the cigar.

Score: 91

Second Third:

Coffee and leather flavors transition from the first third into this part of the cigar. The cigar is about a medium to medium plus in strength and is very smooth with subtle flavors. This strength balances well with the body and flavor. In my opinion, if the cigar was much stronger it would overpower these subtle flavors and the cigar would lose its complexity. As this third continues, a subtle sweetness emerges and pairs nicely with rich tobacco flavors. There are not much spice in this third and that note is replaced with a wonderful smooth characteristic.

Score: 91

Final Third:

Rich smooth flavors continue in the final third. The sweetness and caramel flavors from the first and second thirds are present in this final third, but they are beginning to fade into the background. This final third is dominated by more traditional tobacco, leather and cedar flavors. However, the cigar does not burn hot and maintains its rich smooth texture. This section of the cigar is not as complex as the previous two thirds, but it is still very enjoyable.

Score: 90


This is not the cigar you take to the golf course to chomp on as you round the front nine. There is a lot going on in this cigar and it deserves a mindful smoke. Coffee, leather, tobacco, cedar and caramel flavors all balance well and are subtle and light on the palate. This is a complex and an enjoyable cigar that a beginner can connect with, but a cigar enthusiast will truly appreciate its complexity.

Overall Score: 91 – Excellent


I would say that this cigar rests somewhere between a 10 and a box purchase, so possibly think of a box split. You could age this cigar; however, I think they are ready to go right out of the box and can easily fit into a cigar smoker’s regular cigar rotation.

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