Today we are joined bu guest DJ Jon Huber. He talks about a new edition to the Mason Dixon Project and other new cigar projects. We also talk about the La Imperiosa, Steve Albini, cassette singles and our love of Public Enemy. Be sure to check it out.

In Australia, be sure to go to the sponsor of Cigar Jukebox, Cigar Hut:

In the U.S., check out Mike at Cigar Hustler:

Jon’s Songs:

1. Nirvana: All Apologies

2. Santana: Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen

3. Zapp: More Bounce to the Ounce

4. Jay Z: Change Clothes

5. Public Enemy: Brothers Gonna Work it Out

6. Pitbull: Maldito Alcohol

My Songs:

1. Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl

2. L7: Shitlist

3. Cody Chesnutt: That’s Still Mama

4. Eruka Badu: Real Thing (Music is Everything)

5. Public Enemy: By the Time I Get to Arizona


Check out this episode!

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