Episode #99: Espinosa Laranja / Hector Alfonso Interview

Today we feature the Laranja cigar from Espinosa. We will also interview Hector Alfonso from Espinosa. We talk about cigars, fighting crime, music and Cigar Dojo. Then we take a look at the Laranja, which came in at number 13 on Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 from 2015.

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1. Radiohead: The National Anthem

2. Nirvana: Pennyroyal Tea

3. Pixies: Where is My Mind?

4. Blue King Brown: No No No (You Don’t Love Me)

5. Danger Mouse: What More Can I Say

6. Tribe Called Quest: Oh My God

7. The Smiths: How Soon is Now

8. Modest Mouse: Float On

9. Frank Ocean: Thinkin Bout You


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