New Supporters



Hi there! We have two supporters who have jumped on the Cigar Jukebox train. Please welcome Cigar Hustler, from the U.S., and The Whisky Baron, from Australia.

Mike from Cigar Hustler has been a listener and supporter of the Cigar Jukebox podcast from day one. He has been on the show multiple times and is a big fan. I really appreciate his support and I look forward to trying some new and exciting things with Cigar Hustler. Be sure to click on their logo under “Supporters” to check out his site and get some great cigars.

Jason from The Whisky Baron has been involved with Cigar Jukebox when he talked about his range of Dictador cigars. He has moved onto The Whisky Baron, but still has a soft spot for cigars and music. He was most recently on the show when we paired Viaje and Perdomo cigars with spirits and coffee. His whisky and cigar knowledge is as eclectic as his musical tastes. Be sure to click on the Whisky Baron logo under “Supporters” to check out a wide range of grea whiskies.

I am very excited to have both Mike and Jason on board. Stay tuned to the website and the podcast for some upcoming content.



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