Cigar Coop: The Cigar Enthusiast’s Bible


Will Cooper is the man behind the blog, and podcasts, adorned with the Cigar Coop brand. Will’s work is highly respected in the industry and it is the one stop shop for all your cigar needs. 

Will Cooper has built the Cigar Coop brand over many years. His website,                     cigar-coop.com has everything from cigar reviews to cigar news. Moreover, he does in depth pre and post IPCPR coverage, along with his cigars of the year. The site itself is very user friendly and is packed full of content. You could burn, pun intended, through hours looking at reviews and cigar news. Most importantly, Cigar Coop boasts the most consecutive posts of any cigar blog in the industry. Will has at least one new post on his site per day, which makes his site one you will want to visit on a daily basis.

His cigar reviews are both informative and easy to follow. Will not only provides excellent background information on the cigar, such as factory information and how the cigar came to be, but his reviews are highly detailed. Will adheres to a 100 point scale, which most people are familiar with. However, he adds an additional rating of try one, 5er, box split, box purchase and oasis to each cigar. This additional rating gives the reader some practical insight into how much Will would invest in the cigar, which is very informative.

Not only is the site very useful, but Cigar Coop has a video / audio podcast called “The Cigar Coop Primetime Show.” You can catch this live or listen to / watch it later. He and his co – host Aaron Loomis, from Developing Palates, breakdown all the cigar news and feature a cigar industry figure on each show. They go through the traditional interview, but freshen things up with discussions about music, Cuba, cartoons and other interesting things that their guests are passionate about. The podcast is great alone, but works as a great compliment to the website. Also, Aaron and Coop have a great chemistry that comes across well on the podcast. Be sure to check out both the podcast and the website for a total cigar experience. Both are a must if you are into cigars.



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