Episode #133: Fred Rewey Guest DJ – BLTC’s Bishop’s Blend

Hi Everyone! This episode was finished a couple days early, so I thought I would put it up anyway. Fred comes on to play guest DJ and we feature BLTC’s Bishop’s Blend. This is my cigar of the year for 2016 and Fred enjoyed a chance to do a guest DJ on his friend James’ cigar. Join us as we talk cigars, music and what ever happened to Ben Harper.

Check out Cigar Hut in Australia: cigarhut.com.au

In the U.S., check out Mike at Cigar Hustler: cigarhustler.com

You can find BLTC at Cigar Federation: cigarfederation.com

Email me at: ciagrjukebox@gmail.com

Twitter: @CigarJukebox

Fred’s Songs:

1. Johnny Cash: The Man Comes Around

2. Beck: Blackbird Chain

3. Ben Folds Five: Brick

4. Snow Patrol: Take Back the City

5. Twenty – One Pilots: Heathens

My Songs:

1. Black Crowes: Hotel Illness

2. Run The Jewels: Down

3. Otis Redding: Ol’ Man Trouble

4. Muddy Watters: I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man

5. Ben Harper: Burn One Down


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