Pairing for the Baron: Chogüi Dos 77

Today is the first “Pairing for the Baron” post. It is called “Pairing for the Baron,” because these posts are companion posts to our Whisky Baron pairing shows. For these posts, I will pair a cigar with a non – alcoholic drink and 2 songs. Moreover, I will list some spirits from The Whisky Baron that you will want to pick up and pair for yourself. Let’s look at our first cigar; the Chogüi Dos 77. 

First of all, Victor from Chogüi is a friend and a great supporter of Cigar Jukebox. I first heard of his cigar from Skip Martin when he posted about it during a trip of his to the Dominican Republic. For a long time Chogüi could only be found in the DR. Victor then got in touch with Mike from Cigar Hustler and the rest is history. Victor has a loyal following in the U.S. and he keeps adding new releases to his portfolio. Let’s look at the nuts and bolts of the cigar.

Cigar Info:

Name: The name Dos 77 comes from a missing box of Victor’s first cigar – The Primera Edicion. The missing box was #277 and the idea for the Dos 77 name was born.

Binder: Dominican Criollo 98

Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Corojo and Havana 2020

Vitola: Longsdale – 6 1/2 x 46


Pairing Drink:

I am pairing this cigar with a Black Bear cold pressed coffee from Merlo Coffee. This cold press is not black, so it is more like an iced coffee with milk. The coffee itself is pretty straight forward. The coffee is from their house blend, which is a mix of coffees from various nations with a medium body and strength profile. The coffee has a mix of earth, caramel and vanilla notes, which works well with the creamy note from the milk. As far as iced coffee goes, this boutique coffee variety is quite good and well balanced.


The Pairing:

The Dos 77 is a bold cigar full of flavour. The dark and oily wrapper hints that there might be some bold flavours hiding within the cigar that are bursting to break free. In short, the cigar lives up to this expectation. Upon lighting it up you are greeted by lots of spice, coffee and earth flavours. After the first ten minutes these initial flavour notes begin to compliment each other nicely and a dark sweet note descends on the finish to bring everything together. This cigar on its own is a tremendous flavour experience that is both complex and well balanced. In terms of strength and body, I would put the cigar at medium for both characteristics. However, I would rate this cigar as full in terms of flavour, which is how I like my cigars.

The pairing works really well. Earthy coffee notes in the Black Bear pair well with the spice profile in the Dos 77. However, the pairing really shines when it comes to how different sweet flavours play off each other. Caramel and vanilla notes in the Black Bear not only tone down the spice level in the Dos 77, but they also work well with the dark sweet note that develops throughout the cigar. Moreover, the milk in the cold press coffee rounds all the flavours out, which limits the sharp edge on the spice and the muddy characteristic of the earth flavour. The milk in the Black Bear is a blessing and a curse. Even though it gives the cigar experience a lovely creamy quality, it can get a bit heavy and weigh things down.

Overall Pairing Grade: B+

This is a very good pairing where the flavours in the cigar and the flavours in the coffee compliment each other very well. Like all good pairings, the drink highlights interesting flavours in the cigar and the cigar highlights the strengths of the drink. The one drawback is that the milk can weigh you down. I would like to try this pairing again, but with an espresso. I think an espresso with a good caramel or honey note would stand up well to the cigar, and avoid the drawback of the milk.

What to try from The Baron:

The Baron recommends trying the following spirits with your next pairing:

Be sure to go to The Whisky Baron and either pick up some bottles, or some samples, for your next cigar pairing. In fact, grab a handful of friends, a handful of cigars and a bottle from The Whisky Baron for your next herf. Enjoy!

If you have a pairing, or want us to find a pairing for your favourtie cigar, either send me a message on the contact form on this site or email me at 

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