Weekly Music Pairing #1: Unicorn Hunting with the RoMa Craft CroMagnon Black Irish

To me, the RoMa Craft CroMagnon Black Irish was like when people post pictures of themselves sitting in a Ferrari next to a winding road in Italy. I know that Ferraris exist in reality and that people enjoy them, but the chances of me experiencing that are slim to none. Every Facebook picture of Skip smoking one would taunt me. I tried all my weasel techniques, but to no avail. However, Skip released a small number to the public earlier this year and I am now that guy sitting in the Ferrari.

This is probably the rarest cigar I have smoked and I thought the Black Irish would be a great way to kick off the weekly music pairing. This is something you can call up and listen to at home as you smoke the cigar. Give it a spin and let me know in the comments what you think.

Cigar Information:

  • First off, the Black Irish has followed a similar path as the CroMagnon Fomorian. Similar to the Fomorian, the Black Irish uses candela and started as an event only cigar for the DC Cigar Tweet Up. However, the Fomorian was given a far wider release than the Black Irish’s initial release. Let’s hope, like the Fomorian, we see more Black Irish released in the future.
  • The vitola is like a robusto on steroids: 5 x 56
  • The cigar itself looks amazing. It is not a traditional barber pole, but a thin green candela line snakes itself up the cigar in a crisp manner. The thin green against the dark brown of the Connecticut broadleaf is both stylish and striking.
  • Blend Information: (There is not a ton on the blend, but this is what I could find)
    • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf and Candela Barber Pole
    • Binder: Cameroon
    • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • I purchased it from Cigar Hustler as part of their event only RoMa Craft samplers.

Songs and Review:

I am going to try something different with this portion of the post. Instead of doing the review and then songs, I am going to have a couple sentences about the cigar and then the song I chose to represent that aspect of the cigar. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

  • The cigar is called the “Black Irish,” so I need some sort of Irish music to kick things off. I didn’t want to go traditional, because the cigar itself is more of a modern take on the traditional candela. Therefore, I went with Shane McGowan and the Popes with Nancy Whiskey. Shane took traditional Irish instruments and themes and gave them a punk twist during his time with the Pogues. It seems fitting to kick things off with his distinctive voice.


  •  The cigar really jumps out of the gate hard. There is a ton of chilli spice that tingles your lips, which is followed by a rich sweet note. You do get that classic candela grassy note, which adds complexity and depth to the blend. The fact that the candela is a think line throughout the cigar, instead of the entire wrapper, it does not dominate the finish. This creates an unique sweet grassy flavour that is fantastic. The first 15 minutes of this cigar are full throttle and truly amazing. I wanted to replicate that full throttle feel, so I went with Run The Jewels and Chase Me from the movie Baby Driver.


  • This cigar is full in every respect; full flavour, full strength and full body. However, the Black Irish is so well balanced that no one aspect dominates the others. I am still getting a touch of that chilli spice and strength kick, so I want to keep going with music on 11. I am obsessed with this song and it really fits that spice kick. I am talking about the track Lights Out by Royal Blood. I am not totally on board with their entire new record, but this track is a banger that really suits the cigar.


  • After the first 30 minutes or so the cigar really smoothes out. The spice hit is largely gone and you are left with a rich meaty body, dark molasses sweetness and a hint of candela grass, which cuts through those rich notes very well. It is at this point of the cigar that I am really into how the candela compliments the sweet notes of the Connecticut broadleaf. Moreover, draw and construction are impeccable. To match the smooth nature of the cigar, I went with a new single from Ibeyi. This is Away Away by Ibeyi.


  • As the cigar winds down, I just want to sit back and enjoy the ride. For this, I want something a bit low key that I can enjoy listening to a couple of times as the cigar comes to an end. I also wanted to give this song list an Aussie note, so I went with Missy Higgins. I love Missy Higgins and this is a cover she did of a Drones track, which is lyrically brilliant. Here it is, Missy Higgins’ version of Shark Fin Blues.


Final Thoughts:

Now, those who know me know that I love candela cigars. I think that modern candelas are creative and quite unique on how they use that traditional grassy candela note in their blend. This cigar is a perfect example of this. The CroMagnon Black Irish from RoMa Craft is expertly blended and expertly made. Rich meaty flavours and chilli spice counter and compliment sweetness and grassy notes in a complex finish. I hope Skip continues to release them to the public, because everyone should experience this cigar. If you see a Black Irish event near you, be sure to attend and pick up this cigar.

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