Weekly Music Pairing #2: The Dojo has Done it Again – The Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel Aged

Eric “Master Sensei” from The Cigar Dojo has a knack of bringing unique exclusives to the market. In fact, some of the best cigars I have ever had have been Dojo exclusives. The Undercrown Dogma and RoMa Craft Whiskey Rebellion are two that some to mind. New FDA regulations put these small batch exclusives in some doubt, which is heartbreaking. However, if this is to be the last Dojo exclusive release, they went out with a bang. 

Cigar Information:

  • Much like other Dojo exclusive projects, the Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel Aged is meant to celebrate the wonderful and kind Dojo community. If you are not aware of the Dojo community, go to Cigar Dojo right now and get the app for your phone. You will not regret it.
  • Eric has stated that this is the most challenging Dojo project to date and has been over a year in the making. For this project, Eric sourced stout barrels from Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado, which is the birthplace of the Dojo. The barrels themselves first aged bourbon and then were used to age stout beer; therefore, there is a complex mix of flavour notes within the barrels themselves.
  • Camacho’s barrel aged technique is different from other companies. They do not age the rolled cigars in barrels, but they age the tobacco leaves themselves in the barrels and then use those leaves in the blend.
  • In the case of Camacho’s Dojo cigar, they aged the filler tobacco in the barrels for at least six months before constructing the cigar. Moreover, the cigar itself is made of 100% maduro.
  • Blend Information:
    • Wrapper: San Andres Maduro
    • Binder: Corojo Maduro
    • Filler: Barrel Aged Corojo Maduro / Brazilian Maduro and Dominican Maduro
  • I purchased a 10 count bundle of these cigars from Smoke Inn.

Songs and Review:

The fact that this cigar is aged in a stout barrel gave the cigar a dark and sweet malted note, which I adore. This malted note carries throughout the cigar and led me down a path of bar / pub songs. All the songs on this pairing post are songs I can envision hearing at a pub as I smoke this cigar and wave pint glasses of rich black stout in the air.

  • The malted note with sweet maduro tobacco is incredible. At times, the combination of flavours gives me a slight blueberry note. The cigar’s rich characteristic reminds me of Guinness from back in my drinking days. For this, I chose a Patty Griffin song called Get Ready Marie.


  • The next track was actually recorded in a pub. The live vibe of the song gives it a real energy that matches up well with the cigar. Camacho can really put a cigar together. Construction is impeccable and the burn and draw are excellent. Moreover, the spice starts to move in the background and that unique malted note takes centre stage. The song I picked for this part of the cigar is Australia’s own, Paul Kelly’s, Every Fucking City. Be careful, this song has bad words.


  • Now, I love me some Rod Stewart. His song Gasoline Alley fits this cigar really well. The stripped back rock guitar and Rod’s raw vocals match what Camacho is going for in this cigar. Underneath the malt notes and sweet maduro flourishes, there is a rich body with a nice strength kick. Rod would approve.


  • Like I said before, this cigar was a difficult and challenging cigar to pull off. The tobacco does not only have the notes from stout beer, but also it picked up some sweet notes from the bourbon, which was also part of the barrel. In order to pay homage to this complex process, I went with another live song from the Cafe Au Go Go in 1966. This is a live version of Johnny Lee Hooker’s classic One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer. Camacho and Dojo was able to hit two out of three, which is damn good.


  • If this is the final Dojo project, I want to go out with a bang. Let’s celebrate this cigar with Jimmy Page and some kick ass rock n’ roll. Here we go, The Black Crowes with Jimmy Page on Custard Pie.


Final Thoughts:

I’m not going to waste any time, Camacho and Master Sensei combined their energy to create one amazing cigar experience. Much like the Undercrown Dogma and the RoMa Craft Whiskey Rebellion, the Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel Aged is the best Camacho cigar I have had to this point. I think the combination of maduro with the chocolaty and malty notes of the stout gives the cigar more depth than the Camacho American Barrel Aged. This cigar will definitely make it on my cigars of the year list and I will probably smoke through the rest of my bundle in the next four days. Congratulations Dojo and Camacho for creating an outstanding cigar experience.

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