Weekly Music Pairing #4: My Go To Blend: RoMa Craft Aquitaine

Most cigar smokers have their “go to” blend. This is a blend that no matter what the vitola, you know it will perform and be consistent. My “go to” is the Aquitaine blend by RoMa craft. The salty meaty richness is a great fit for the body and strength behind this cigar. I can grab any Aquitaine blindfolded and know I am going to have an amazing cigar experience. Cigar Information:

  • The Aquitaine was launched at the IPCPR in 2013
  • This is a variant of the CroMagnon line and is also known as the CroMagnon Aquitaine
  • The cigar for this pairing is the Knuckle Dragger – 4 1/2 x 52 Petit Robusto
  • Blend Information:
    • Wrapper: Ecuador Habano Ligero
    • Binder: Cameroon
    • Filler: Nicaragua: Esteli, Condega and a ligero leaf from Peublo Nuevo
  • I bought this cigar from the lovely people at Cigar Hustler

Songs and Review:

To start off, the tweak to the CroMagnon blend gives the Aquitaine added depth and complexity. Don’t get me wrong, the CroMagnon is an excellent cigar with a unique flavour profile, but the Aquitaine takes it to a higher level. If you frequently visit the site and listen to Cigar Jukebox, you will know that I am a huge RoMa fan. However, I think anyone who loves rich well constructed cigars will fall in love the the Aquitaine.

  • My favourite part of the Aquitaine is the first 10 minutes. You are greeted with a huge salted meat hit that wakes you up, but also lets you know that you are in for one hell of a ride. It is a flavour that you don’t get in many cigars and it is truly delicious. I wanted to have something that matched that initial hit, but still represented the richness found in the body of the cigar. I went with a new track from Damian Marley. I love his work and I think Damian does a great job bridging reggae with hip hop. A great example of this is his track R.O.A.R.


  • The key to all RoMa Craft greatness is how they are able to balance a rich smooth body with bold edgy flavours. This excellent balance means that no one aspect of the cigar dominates the experience. One can sit back and enjoy big flavour without getting blown out of a cannon. Moreover, the body does not weigh the cigar down and make it muddy or heavy. The track that best embodies this rich / edgy balance is Beyoncé’s Partition.


  • As the Aquitaine progresses, there are wonderful cocoa and coffee notes, which are rich and chewy. Moreover, the cigar still packs a strength punch, which gives it a wonderful structure and allows it to stand up to some great hip hop. I wanted to feature something off of a great record, which is The Hamilton Mix Tape. This is a record of songs in the musical Hamilton done by hip hop artists and other music icons. The track I chose features NAS, Dave East, Aloe Blacc and Lin – Manuel Miranda. The track is Wrote My Way Up.


  • Time to go old school. Nothing works better for rich cigars than some funk. One underrated badass funk artist is Betty Davis. There is nothing I can say that will adequately capture her work, so stop reading and listen to 70s Blues.


  • The final song just encapsulates my thoughts about RoMa craft in general. Everything I have smoked out of Nica Sueño is stellar. Nothing much else to say other than RoMa Craft is going to “blow shit up.” So, let’s crank up some Lorde with Homemade Dynamite.


Final Thoughts:

Skip, Mike and Nica Sueño are putting out some of the best cigars in the industry and the Aquitaine is an example of this excellence. First off, the construction is top notch, which allows the cigar to smoke perfectly with just the right draw. Flavours of salted steak, cocoa, coffee and rich tobacco are balanced expertly against a rich body and strength kick. I could go on and on about the Aquitaine’s brilliance, but it is one of those rare things that words cannot describe. To truly understand the Aquitaine, and RoMa Craft cigars in general, you need to smoke them. So stop reading my nonsense and go buy a sampler for yourself……no really…..GO!!!!!

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