Episode #157: Will Cooper and Nicaraguan Cigars 101

Hi. Join me and Will Cooper as we talk about Nicaraguan cigars and tobacco from Nica. Will gives us a beginners course in why Nicaragua is such a hot spot for cigars and we talk about our favourite Nicaraguan cigars. Join the fun.

Check out Cigar Hut in Australia: cigarhut.com.au

In the U.S., be sure to buy cigars from Mike at Cigar Hustler: cigarhustler.com

For rare single malt whisky in Australia, go to The Whisky Baron: whiskybaron.com.au

Nicoya Cigars: nicoyacigars.us

Check out more of Will Cooper’s stuff at Cigar Coop: cigar-coop.com

Email me: cigarjukebox@gmail.com

Check out the Website: cigarjukebox.com

Twitter: @CiagrJukebox

Will’s Songs:

1. Paul Oakenfold: Starry Eyes Surprise

2. Steely Dan: Do It Again

3. Frank Sinatra: My Way

My Songs:

1. Luciano Pavarotti: Nessun Dorma

2. WAR: Slippin’ Into Darkness

3. Bob Marley: Bend Down Low


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