Weekly Music Pairing #6: It’s Not Easy Being Green – RoMa Craft Fomorian EMH

Much like the Black Irish, the RoMa Craft Fomorian started off as an event only cigar. Soon after, the Fomorian became a sought after cigar for candela lovers and RoMa Craft lovers alike. When you see these on sale quickly snatch some up, because they will soon be sold out and you will be waiting months for new boxes to hit the market. I love new twists on candela cigars and this is one of my favourites. 

Cigar Information:

  • The Fomorian was originally an event only cigar for the D.C. Tweet Up St. Patrick’s Day event.
  • The blend’s roots are in the original CroMagnon line.
  • The EMH in the cigar’s name stands for Early Modern Human
  • Blend Information:
    • Wrapper: Candela
    • Binder: Cameroon
    • Filler: Nica
  • The cigar’s size is the EMH – 5 x 56.

Songs and Review:

Like all cigars that come out of Nica Sueño, the Formorian is packed with a ton of tobacco and smokes like a million dollars. That means that this 5 x 56 can set you back at least 90 minutes of steady paced cigar excellence. Therefore, be sure to have more than one beverage on hand and an extensive song list ready to go. I found myself falling into music from my high school days. Here are five highlights out of the music I listened to during my time with RoMa Craft’s Formorian.

  • I decided to start things off with New Order. The combination of the candela wrapper with the bold filler gives the cigar a spice kick and a richness that is well rounded by the grassy note of the wrapper. You do not get a “grassy” flavour, but you do get a more well rounded experience of the CroMagnon blend. Blue Monday fits this vibe with bold lyrics and guitar smoothed over by lush synth. This song also started me on my journey through music I listened to in high school.


  • The Fomorian’s core is a rich body that brings the rest of the cigar together. This rich and smooth body is a lovely counterpoint to sharp spice notes and a nice strength kick. Moreover, the burn and draw on this cigar is excellent and really comes out in the middle third of the cigar. I have a strong mental link between New Order and the Sugarcubes, which harkens back to mix tapes I listened to in my GMC Jimmy as I drove around Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay. So, it is only natural that the next song is Birthday by the Sugarcubes.


  • The final three songs will represent the hip hop block for this cigar, in honour of Skip’s love of hip hop. My love of hip hop all started with The Beastie Boys. Now, I wanted something to represent the raw power that lies behind the Formorian’s unassuming green wrapper. It is the richness and power of the cigar’s filler that gives this cigar a wonderful modern twist on the candela. For me, all wonderful candela cigars have bold flavours that do not overpower the wrapper, but compliment its unique flavour profile. The Formorian’s combination of wrapper and filler creates a wonderful creamy note that gives the cigar a unique twist. The Beastie’s song I picked also gave a genre a new twist, which is So Whatcha Want. This song was an artistic combination of the beastie Boy’s punk past with their new found hip hop style. It blew me away then and it still does to this day.


  • Another crucial band in my love of hip hop is Tribe Called Quest. I immediately fell in love with how Q-Tip and Phife Dawg could throw out endless rhymes with ease and work off each other. There is not a clear connection between this track and the Formorian, other than I think it is a crime to smoke a RoMa Craft cigar and not listen to Tribe Called Quest. So, be kind to yourself and listen to Check the Rhyme from Low End Theory.


  • Finally, the Foriman has an edge to it, which sets it apart from all other candela cigars. This edge comes from spice notes, a rich meaty body and RoMa’s classic strength profile. This is a bomb of a cigar from beginning to the end. The only hip hop track that can stand up to it is from Public Enemy. For me, Chuck D is one of the best lyricists and rappers in history. His raw power with articulate politically charges lyrics is unparalleled. Prepare yourself for By the Time I Get to Arizona.


Final Thoughts:

The Formorian by RoMa Craft is not your average candela. It is an expertly constructed and blended cigar that takes the candela wrapper and gives the CroMagnon blend an entirely new dimension. Creamy rich notes from the wrapper round off spice and rich tobacco notes found in the rest of the blend. I love how the candela wrapper is allowed to compliment the blend and it is not steamrolled by the cigar’s full body and strength. This is an excellent cigar that needs to be enjoyed by candela and RoMa Craft fans alike.

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