Episode #160: Tony Bellatto Guest DJ / La Barba Red

Hi. Today Tony Bellatto from La Barba comes on to talk about his relationship with Caldwell, great helicopter songs and performing the Theatre of Pain album in the park. This is a very fun guest DJ and I hope you like it.

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Tony’s Songs:

1. Paul Simon: You Can Call Me Al

2. Peter Gabrial: Sledgehammer

3. Steely Dan: Hey Nineteen

4. The Midnight: Vampires

5. The Who: Eminence Front

6. Gil Scott Heron: Me and the Devil

My Songs:

1. Black Lips: Raw Meat

2. New Order: Blue Monday

3. Fleet Foxes: If You Need to, Keep Time on Me

4. The Weekend: I Feel it Coming

5. Father John Misty: So I’m Growing Old on Magic Mountain


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