Episode #198: The RoMa Craft Sabertooth and all Hip Hop for Skip

Today we are going to pay respect to brother Skip by reviewing the new RoMa Craft Sabertooth and dedicating the whole mix to Hip Hop. I hope that he approves of the mix….it is top shelf.

Cigar Hut: cigarhut.com.au

Cigar Hustler: cigarhustler.com

Nicoya: nicoyacigars.us

Email Me: cigarjukebox@gmail.com

Twitter: @CigarJukebox

Website: cigarjukebox.com


1. Clipse: Young Boy

2. The Roots: Game Theory

3. Beastie Boys: Get it Together

4. Tribe Called Quest: Whateva Will Be

5. Tribe Called Red: R.E.D.

6. Janelle Monae: Django Jane

7. Czarface and MF Doom: MF Czar

8. Lauryn Hill: Final Hour

9. Tyler the Creator: Okra

10. Carters: Apeshit

11. Sampa the Great: Intro


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