Episode #208: Guest DJ Mike with the SBC 18

Today we are going to have Mike from Cigar Hustler and Powstanie to talk about the SBC 18. This is an amazing cigar that you have to track down. Mike brings the hip hop and we talk cigars, Lil Wayne and the different members of Wu – Tang Clan.

Cigar Hut: cigarhut.com.au

Cigar Hustler: cigarhustler.com

Nicoya: nicoyacigars.us

Email: cigarjukebox@gmail.com

Website: cigarjukebox.com

Twitter: @CigarJukebox

Mike’s Songs:

1. Drake: Legend

2. Ric Ross: Apple of my Eye

3. Vader the Villin: Twist the Key

4. Lil’ Wayne: Uproar

5. Ric Ross: The Devil is a Lie

My Songs:

1. Leikeli 47: Money

2. Czarface: MF Czar

3. Curtis Mayfield: Little Child Running Wild

4. The Front Bottoms: Skeleton

5. Carters: Heard About Us


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