Episode #219: Guest DJ – Love Songs with Hector Alfonso

Today is all love songs with Hector Alfonso from Espinosa! We talk cigars, but it is really about love songs.

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Hector’s Song List:

1. INXS: ToLook at You

2. Joy Division: Love Will Tear us Apart

3. Loquat: Swingset Chain

4. U2: Love Comes Tumbling

5. Dave Matthews Band: Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd

6. The Smiths: There is a Light That Never Goes Out

My Song List:

1. Sinead O’Conner: The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

2. The Cure: Lovesong

3. Etta James: At Last

4. Dolly parton: Jolene

5. Bonnie Raitt and John Pryne: Angel From Montgomery

6. Johnny Cash and June Carter: As Long as the Grass Shall Grow


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