Episode #230: Bear Guest DJ / 2019 Las Calaveras

Today I am joined by Bear from El Oso Fumar and Coop’s Primetime. We talk about his time as a DJ, our love of the Las Calaveras and how much cigars cost in Australia. Check it out!

Cigar Hustler: cigarhustler.com

Email: cigarjukebox@gmail.com

Twitter: @CigarJukebox

Website: cigarjukebox.com

Bear’s Songs:

1. Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall

2. Sister Hazel: All For You

3. O.A.R.: That was a Crazy Game of Poker

4. 007: Los Muertos Vivos Estan

5. Johnny Cash: Get Rhythm

My Songs:

1. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Dirty Pool

2. Holy Holy: Teach me About Dying

3. Kev Carmody: On the Wire

4. Moses: My Son

5. Wilco: What Light


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