Episode #231: Why we Love Music Pt. 2 / This Time it’s Personal

Today we take on part two of your why we like music series. We focus on the My Father Flor de las Antillas and talk about how music gets personal. Have a listen for some great music.

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Song List:

1. Etta James: At Last

2. Willy Porter: Cool Water

3. Coldplay: Yellow

4. My Friend the Chocolate Cake: Midlife’s Tale

5. The Roots: Ital

6. U2: In God’s Country

7. Led Zeppelin: When the Levee Breaks

8. ZZ Top: Goin’ Down to Mexico

9. Bob Marley: Coming in From the Cold

10. The Beastie Boys: Brass Monkey

11. Bjork: Big Time Sensuality

12. The Pacers: 40oz of Fun


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