Episode #235: Covers Show with Coop and Hector

Today we talk about the Warhead 5 and cover songs with Hector, from Espinosa Cigars, and Will Cooper. We talk what makes a good cover and why Limp Bizkit’s cover of Behind Blue Eyes is the worst piece of recorded sound in human history.

Cigar Hustler: cigarhustler.com

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Website: cigarjukebox.com

Twitter: @CigarJukebox

Hector’s Songs:

1. Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Born to Run

2. Dave Matthews Band: Cortez the Killer

3. Echo and the Bunnymen: People are Strange

Coop’s Songs:

1. The Byrds: Turn, Turn, Turn

2. Weezer: Mr. Blue Sky

3. Donna Summer: McArther Park

My Songs:

1. Aretha Franklin: Love the One You’re With

2. Dave Grisman and Jerry Garcia: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

3. The Band: Atlantic City


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