Episode #236: Cover Songs, Skip and the Baka

Hi. Today Skip from RoMa Craft comes on the show to talk about the Baka, cover songs and Coop’s taste in music. Join in for the fun and a great story behind the Baka.

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Skip’s Songs:

1. Gipsy Kings: Hotel California

2. Sturgill Simpson: The Promise

3. The Bangles: Hazy Shade of Winter

4. John Mayer: Free Fallin’

5. Playing for Change: Three Little Birds

My Songs:

1. John Cale: Hallelujah

2. Aretha Franklin: The Thrill is Gone

3. Tori Amos: Smells Like Teen Spirit

4. White Stripes: I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself

5. Toots and the Maytals: Take me Home Country Road


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