Shaggy to Release Christmas in the Islands

Orville Richard Burrell, the Reggae/Pop artist better known as Shaggy will release a Christmas album this holiday season. The album is called “Christmas In the Islands” and it is scheduled to be released on November 20th. For the album, there will be collaborations with Joss Stone, Beenie Man, and Ne-Yo.

In a statement announcing the project, Shaggy said:

“Since I was a child, I can remember seeing tourists flock to Jamaica during Christmastime for some sun, fun, rum, and great parties! Our island is all about family, friends, food, great beaches, warm, welcoming people, and a strong culture, which is the perfect recipe for a joyous Christmas, so we decided to embody all of that into one album.

“We enlisted some of Jamaica’s leading, iconic artists to participate, and with guests like Ne-Yo and Joss Stone, who frequent Jamaica during the holiday season, we hope to transport listeners and share how we celebrate Christmas in the Islands!

“Last night one of the lines we came up with was, ‘I don’t want no icy Christmas, the only ice I want to see is in my cup with some rum’.

“It’s creating a Caribbean-style Christmas vibe ’cause the only Christmas I know is in Jamaica. If you’ve ever been to Jamaica at Christmas it’s the most fun you can have.

“In America or Europe Christmas is about a jacket and it’s cold and there’s snow. I’m not from that culture. I’m from a culture where there’s beach, rum and weed.

“I don’t see why Christmas should be any different.”

There will be 15 tracks on the album:

1. ‘No Icy Christmas’ feat. Sanchez
2. ‘We Got Us’ feat. Shenseea and OMI
3. ‘Take You to the Cool’ feat. Richie Stephens & Conkarah
4. ‘Christmas In the Islands’ feat. Rayvon
5. ‘Holiday in Jamaica’ feat. Ne-Yo & Ding Dong
6. ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’
7. ‘Open Presents’ feat. Romain Virgo
8. ‘Raggamuffin Christmas’ feat. Junior Reid and Bounty Killer
9. ‘Christmas Time’ feat. Jamila Falak
10. ’12 Days of Christmas’ feat. Beenie Man and Craigy T
11. ‘Warm & Easy.
12. ‘Sunny Celebration’ feat. Joss Stone
13. ‘Catch Myself Some Rays’feat. CARYS
14. ‘Love When It’s Christmas’
15. ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

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