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The New Oldies: #5 Album of the Year 2021: Dee Gees: Hail Satin (Foo Fighters)

Something seems to be missing these days. It seems that record companies, radio stations, and streaming services are pushing some the great established musicians to the background. As a result these veteran artists are not getting the attention they deserve. Enter the Top 10 Album Countdown: The New Oldies. The main point is simple – to make this list you must have at least 20 years of producing established music. The album by the artist must have been released between November 1st, 2020 and October 31st, 2021.

#5 Dee Gees: Hail Satin (Foo Fighters)

A combination cover and live album on the list? Even I was surprised to put an album like Hail Satin on this list. Dee Gees is an alter-ego name for the Foo Fighters, who put together a series of covers paying homage to The Bee Gees and Andy Gibb. This is combined with live versions of songs from their Medicine at Midnight album done in their normal ego.

The Dee Gees is not been a total surprise if you follow the Foo Fighters. The band had previously performed the Bee Gees You Should be Dancing and Andy Gibb’s Shadow Dancing. The band had decided to put together Hail Satin for Record Store Day 2021 and the project was assembled to support the Vinyl LP format. Side 1 contains five of the Gibb brothers covers and side 2 has five live cuts. Eventually this would make its way to digital channels.

Hail Satin brings the best of what the Foo Fighters has to offer. They showcase an innovative side by clearly going out of their comfort zone with the Gibb brothers covers. These songs don’t reinvent what the Gibb brothers do, but pay a strong homage to them. The live cuts from Medicine at Midnight will showcase the strength of the Foo Fighters as a live band. It’s a strange collection, but a winning one.

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