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The New Oldies: #10 Album of the Year 2022: Paul Oakenfold – Shine On

Something seems to be missing these days. It seems that record companies, radio stations, and streaming services are pushing some the great established musicians to the background. As a result these veteran artists are not getting the attention they deserve. Enter the Top 10 Album Countdown: The New Oldies. The main point is simple – to make this list you must have at least 20 years of producing established music. The album by the artist must have been released between November 1st, 2021 and October 31st, 2022.

#10 Paul Oakenfold – Shine On

The last 25 years has seen the rise of the disc jockey in the music business. Many disc jockeys who started spinning and remixing music have moved into the production and performance arena. Paul Oakenfold is one such artists. He started out remixing for artists like U2, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, The Cure, and New Order. Eventually he was collaborating with the likes of Shifty Shellshock and making hits like Starry Eyed Surprise. It’s been a while since we heard from Paul Oakenfold, but 2022 saw him release Shine On. It lands at Number 10 on the 2022 New Oldies Countdown.

Oakenfold’s roots actually are with trance music, and with Shine On Oakenfold essentially goes back to these roots. While most of the album is at a slower pace than you might remember during Oakenfold’s days, the music is still satisfying. Some of the faster tracks such as Zanzebaar, Hypnotic, and Falling have a faster pace, but still have a foundation in Trance styled music.

Oakenfold brings on a host of guest vocalists and they all seem to “shine” (see what I did there)- especially Cassandra Fox, Little Nikki, CeeLo Green, and Aloe Blacc.

It’s an album that truly flew under the radar, but it still showed that Oakenfold’s got it.

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