80s Madness: Peter Gabriel and Van Halen Advance to Sweet 16

The 3-6 matchups in the 2023 Battle of the Bands: 80s Madness have concluded, and on Dave and Coop’s brackets, both #3 seeds have advanced to the Sweet 16.  On Dave’s bracket, 3rd seeded Van Halen’s 1984 outperformed Bob Marley and the Wailers Uprising. Meanwhile Peter Gabriel’s So eliminated Duran Duran’s Rio.

Van Halen’s 1984 would defeat Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Uprising by a margin of 73.7% to 26.3%.  Bob Marley and the Wailers but up an early lead in the first 3 hours of the voting, but for the remaining 45 hours did not get a single vote. Van Halen now has two albums in the Sweet 16. On Coop’s bracket, Van Halen’s 5150 advanced to the Sweet 16.

Duran Duran’s Rio hung in there on Coop’s bracket against Peter Gabriel’s So. In the end Gabriel would win the matchup 57.9% to 42.1%

With the win on Dave’s bracket, Van Halen’s 1984 will battle the winner of the 2-7 matchup between 2nd seeded NWA’s Straight Outta Compton and 7th seeded George Michael’s Faith. Meanwhile on Coop’s bracket, Peter Gabriel’s So will face the winner of the matchup between 2nd seeded Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA and 7th seeded INXS’ Kick.

To follow the current version of the brackets, see below:

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