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Megan Washington’s Batflowers: Regret, Flowers and Beautiful Pop

Megan Washington, who goes by Washington, hit the Australian music scene with her record I Believe You Liar in 2010. She continued to put out music and was known for slick synth textured alternative pop tracks. Throughout the past few years she mainly put out singles, toured, performed in musicals and appeared on the children’s show Bluey. Her hotly anticipated record Batflowers released in August this year to much listener and critical acclaim. This is a gorgeous record packed full with lyrical flair, slick electronic flamboyance and a fragile beauty largely absent in current pop music.

The title track Batflowers is a great example of what makes this record such a joy. The track itself is built on a foundation of expansive and beautiful synth lines mixed with luxurious vocal effects layered on in post – production. However, these synth and effects in post are used with elegant restraint. Syth can be used a number of ways to different effects. A good contrast to Washington’s track is a track by Sylvan Esso. Unlike Sylvan Esso’s Hey Mami where the synth acts as a firehose spraying neon all over the track, Washington uses it to create its own beautiful ecosystem. This is a wonderful compliment to Washington’s breathless vocal style, which creates such an expansive musical landscape that you want to kick your shoes off and run through the grass.

Lyrically, Batflowers explores feelings of joy, love, regret and hope. She sings about loving people at a party and wanting to “make it all up;” however, she admits that she will probably “mess it all up” as well. For all the lyrics about superficial friendships based on haircuts that she doesn’t care about anyway, the track itself is about friendship and hope. No matter how much things are “fucked up” she will always be there to support those close to her. Washington sings: “Flowers for the years you worked so hard / Flowers for the tears when you broke your own heart / Flowers for the dreams that you set aside / Batflowers for the dreams that you’re following right now.” It is the flowers that will help you keep going, “So keep going / Keep going.” Even during these times of heartbreak, depression and dreams deferred, there will always be support from those you love to pick you up and keep you going.

Like Chris Stapleton’s Starting Over , Washington sings about the challenges people face in life, but are able to make it through the other side with support from those they love. No matter how dark life may become, there are beautiful flowers all around you. The crucial thing, is that you have friends to point out the beauty in life when you can’t see it for yourself.

Listen to Batflowers

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