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Episode #163: Talking Bob Marley with Nick Melillo from Foundation Cigars Hi. Today Nick and I talk about Bob Marley and celebrate his music. I think this is one of the best music shows I’ve done, because Nick’s Bob Marley knowledge is so crazy! Tons of music and tons of interesting stories from Nick. Check out Cigar Hut in Australia: In the U.S. check out Cigar Hustler: Nicoya…

Weekly Music Pairing #6: It’s Not Easy Being Green – RoMa Craft Fomorian EMH

Much like the Black Irish, the RoMa Craft Fomorian started off as an event only cigar. Soon after, the Fomorian became a sought after cigar for candela lovers and RoMa Craft lovers alike. When you see these on sale quickly snatch some up, because they will soon be sold out and you will be waiting months for new boxes to hit the market. I love new twists on candela cigars and this is one of my favourites.  Continue reading

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