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Amy Shark’s All the Lies About Me: To All The Haters

Australian singer Amy Shark broke onto the scene with her last record Love Monster, which took over pop music in Australia. We waited to see how she was going to follow that up and she released Cry Forever. The track I can’t stop listening to is All the Lies About Me, which is her response to her new found stardom.

Lyrically, Amy tells the story of how she reads comments and articles about her, which are founded by lies. These articles and Tweets cause her to lose sleep and wonder if the people who wrote them are happy about lying about her. On the surface, this song may come across as a superficial opportunity for Amy to hit out against all of her trolls. However, the interesting part of the track is how it impacts her life and how she is limited in how she can respond. The interesting conflict is how she takes all the lies, because to combat each one is unrealistic. The more she responds the more lies are written. In a sense it is a battle she can’t win that continually drains her energy. Ultimately, all she can do is live her life the best she can and whether the storm of lies. This may seem to be a dark song, but in it she learns that the one response she has to the trolls is to stay true to herslef.

What keeps bringing me back to this song is the strong pop vibe within it. It is fairly stripped back with acoustic guitar and electronic landscapes of syth and bass. There is a slight echo effect on her vocal, but it is her vocal that is at the track’s core. I love Shark’s vocal. It is powerful and fragile simultaneously. I love how she builds to the chorus and harmonises with the syth. Shark’s vocal takes you on a magic carpet ride as you float above all the lies and hate in the lyrics. She has a perfect pop vocal that shines through the dark electronic ambiance.

Shark’s track All the Lies About Me fits the generally dark vibe of the Cry Forever record. However, her vocal acts as a lighthouse in the night that pierces through the melancholy and emotional lyrics. Amy Shark is one of those artists I could listen to read the phonebook. All the Lies About Me is a simple track that will burrow into your brain and happily live there for weeks. I’m excited to see Shark gain popularity and I look forward to her future work.

Listen to All the Lies About Me

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