Tears For Fears to Release First New Studio Album in 17 Years

In 2004, Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith reunited as Tears For Fears to release the album Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (many call ELAHE for short). It had been 14 years since the duo had released an album together. During those 14 years there was an acrimonious split with the duo where Orzabal would release two albums under the Tears For Fears name and Smith pursued a solo career. Following the release of ELAHE, Orzabal and Smith have remained together mostly focusing on touring, but since 2004, 17 years years had gone by without any new studio work. This is about to change with the release of The Tipping Point, the seventh studio album under the Tears For Fears name.

The new album is slated for release on February 25, 2022 through Concord Records.

The title track, The Tipping Point has been released on streaming services and YouTube.

1. No Small Thing
2. The Tipping Point
3. Long, Long, Long Time
4. Break The Man
5. My Demons

6. Rivers Of Mercy
7. Please Be Happy
8. Master Plan
9. End Of Night
10. Stay

The Deluxe CD contains a bonus track:

1. ‘Secret Location’

The Super deluxe edition CD contains three bonus tracks:

1. ‘Let It All Evolve’
2. ‘Secret Location’
3. ‘The Shame’

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