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Orville Peck’s Daytona Sand: Beautiful Western Glam

Orville Peck has been bringing back 50s style western romanticism with his interesting twist on tradition. His voice is incredible and has the vibe of a cowboy singing by a campfire next to his horse. However, he brings a bit of drama and glam to his heavily saturated vocal, which makes his music more than just an homage to a lost genre.

Daytona Sand is a perfect example of what makes Peck’s music so interesting and emotionally effective. Musically, the track goes from a driving percussion to a mix of western / surfer guitar. When Peck hits the bridge / chorus there is some percussion that sounds right out of a cattle rustle on Bonanza, which flows into a Beach Boys surfer guitar. The instrumentation is all very tight and works well together, which gives the track a wonderful energy. Having said all of that, the key to this song is Peck’s vocal.

Peck’s vocal is both over the top and perfect. On the surface this might seem contradictory; however, it is the vocal’s sense of drama that really makes the track work. Peck’s vocal is a mix between Roy Orbison, David Bowie and Mick Jagger. I know this sounds bizarre, but hear me out. He has the drama of Bowie, the intonation / range of Orbison and the unbridled power of Jagger. I just love the deep power of his voice, but he can still go high with beautiful fragility. Orville Peck’s vocal is unlike anything in music today and he can read the phonebook and make me cry.

If you have not listened to Orville Peck before, I suggest going through his previous records. However, I think this track and the EP Bronco: Chapter 1 is a good jumping in point. Whether you are a fan of 50s style western music or not, this track is a must listen.

Listen to Daytona Sand

3 comments on “Orville Peck’s Daytona Sand: Beautiful Western Glam

  1. You’ve piqued my interest. I’ll definitely check him out.


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  3. The guy is a genius. What a sound! Daytona Sand… His voice truly is incredible, and the production is fantastic. Just love that Song.


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