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LCD Soundsystem’s New Body Rhumba: A Pop Neon Bomb 5 Years in the Making

It’s official, 2022 is the biggest year in music within the last decade. LCD Soundsystem’s New Body Rhumba marks the first studio release in 5 years from a band that made a comeback with American Dream. This is a track recorded for Noah Bombach’s upcoming Netflix movie White Noise. It’s unclear whether or not this is a prelude for an upcoming record, but let’s enjoy what we have.

The over seven minute pop epic is everything you want from a LCD Soundsystem track. First off, the syth is on high and is overflowing with neon excess. The track then settles into a raw guitar riff that propels the song though hand claps, tight snare and some glittery electro pop. Musically, New Body Rhumba is a contrast between some raw / dirty guitar and some sparkling syth opulence. The guitar and bass are common threads that the song seems to hang off of for structure. There is an excellent use of silence at the 4 minute mark, which gives the track a sense of drama. All of your LCD notes are here and fans are going to adore this arrangement.

James Murphy’s vocals have an epic quality found in some of the band’s biggest hits, like Dance Yourself Clean. He effortlessly drops in and out of his soulful falcetto, while Nancy Whang’s crystal clear backing vocals pierce through the syth fog. Murphy sings about loneliness, transcending one’s physical form and mortality as he cries out for new bodies, new lovers and a need for physical perfection. The over seven minute track moves at a blistering pace as you are caught up in his vocal and hang on his every word. At the 5 minute work the track takes a tonal shift as Murphy’s vocal is a cross between Bono and an evangelical minister. I love the twists and turns in this track; especially how they keep you on the edge of your seat.

This is an amazing return to form for LCD Soundsystem and will probably crack my top 10 this year. 2022 is firmly the biggest release year of the past decade and Taylor Swift’s record isn’t even out yet! It is great to see LCD Soundsystem back and coming in so strong. Let’s hope this single leads to more music from this talented band.

Listen to New Body Rhumba

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