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Top 50 of 2022: #50 – 46 / Ozzy, a 2000s Rebirth and Death Metal

It is time to countdown the top 50 of 2022. This was a tough year with every song in the top 15 good enough to be number one. I think 2022 will go down as one of the best years for new releases in at least the past decade. But, every journey starts with one step, so before we get to number 1, let’s look at the first 50.

50. Ozzy Osbourne ft. Jeff Beck: Patient Number 9

Ok, is this a good song? No…..but that chorus is fire. Sometimes all a song needs is a good chorus…I’m looking at you Ordinary World by Duran Duran…and this song has a great chorus. The title track from Ozzy may lack complexity and depth, but it more than makes up for it in a chorus where Ozzy jumps in the time machine and brings some of the Crazy Train goodness.

49. Backxwash and Banshee: Never Forgive

Death metal has had a creative rebirth in the last few years and Backxwash is at the forefront of that movement. She teams up with Banshee to create a unique combination of death metal aggression and some glittering indie vibe verses. Much like Backxwash’s previous work, this song tackles gender themes and violence against women. Death metal is gaining strength and this track is an excellent addition to the genre.

48. The Whitlams: In the Last Life

It’s Aussie music time boys and girls…gather around. The Whitlams were indie / sub-culture gods in the late 90s / 2000s with tracks like Blow up the Pokies and No Aphrodisiac. I have always loved Tim Freedman’s voice and songwriting. He is an excellent storyteller and In the Last Life is back to the heights of the 2000s. Tim’s vocal and songwriting is on point with some indie folk / pop glitter. If you are not familiar with this band, this is a great entry point into the rest of their catalogue.

47. Pink Sweat$ and 6LACK: Midnight River

Do you like to get in your feels listening to R&B? Well, this is for you. From probably the two most emotive artists in hip hop and R&B comes a highly emotive and silky smooth ballad about love, regret and…well…getting in your feels. Sparse instrumentation lets Sweat$’s and 6LACK’s excellent vocals take centre stage. So, draw a bath, light some candles and enjoy.

46. Björk: Atopos

Sometimes we all need to listen to something weird, just to remember that music is a creative art where you can get weird. Now, Björk is weird at the best of times and this track is even weird by her standards. A combination of Björk’s club style vocals, some aggressive percussion and oboes / bassoons makes for a textured fever dream of a track. When Björk’s vocal is on she is one of the most mesmerising artists in music and I cannot resist her siren’s song in this track.

It’s always exciting to kick off the top 50. Next five will feature a Clipse reunion, a songwriting icon and a lost track.

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