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OOPS! 50 of 2022: #40 – 36 / Irish Guitar Rock, Hip Hop Turned up to 11 and A Gift from Australia

This block is an interesting mix of rock, hip hop and a song that could have made the top 10 if I heard it in time. Get ready for an eclectic block with some great music.

40. Gilla Band: Backwash

Think of taking Death Grips, hip hop and 70s punk and dumping them all into a blender. What you get is an interesting mix of noise rock and hip hop beats. This is a unique band putting out music that cannot be easily put into a genre, but it rocks! At times Backwash feels like three songs mixed into one, but it all works. This is an interesting song that will fill you with surprises.

39. Yung Kayo ft. Yeat: YEET

This track takes club trap to its extreme. The beats, synth and vocals are dialed up so high that they threaten to blow out the whole track. Having said that, the extreme nature of the song is what I love about it. It embodies the energy of the club as it assaults your senses and takes no prisoners. You simply cannot dial this track down. It is on permanent 11 and will not be tamed.

38. Ibibio Sound Machine: Protection From Evil

This music collective creates some futuristic synth forward music that is hard to define. It sounds like something you hear playing in the club in Tron or something shot out of a black hole. You feel like Ibibio Sound Machine is from the year 3045 and has traveled back in time to give us music. The energy in this track is incredible and listening to it is a trip.

37. Camp Cope: Running With the Hurricane

If I heard this track on time this Aussie trio would have made the top 10. A cross between Lucinda Williams and Liz Phair this band puts out some high octane country rock with a great mix of country / folk sensibilities and straight up rock edge. This track is a joy to listen to and shows that the band has a bright future.

36. Fontaines DC: Jackie Down the Line

2002 has been a good year for Irish rock. Fontaines DC brings you the guitar led dark and brooding punk of the 70s and 80s. Think of The Smiths meets the Clash…but make it more dower. Lovers of guitar rock will enjoy this track and it will conjure images of early punk when vocals were an after thought. There is a little of Billy Bragg in their vocals and the rest of the record continues the dark punk vibe embodied by this song.

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