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OOPS! 50 of 2022: #25 – 21 / The Midnight Sun, Get That Cash and A Teenager

Sometimes in the OOPS! series I face great embarrassment. I hear a track and I think, how did I miss this?! I do a music podcast! Has my life been a lie? Then I cry and do 30 prayers to Beyoncé and Rihanna to atone for my mistake. There is a track in this block that meets that criteria…let’s see what it is.

25. Nilüfer Yanya: Midnight Sun

This is an interesting mix of Beck – espe 90s guitar, electro R&B beats and some ethereal vocals. The vocals are so far back in the mix they are almost indiscernible and act as another instrument in the mix. The track will move from R&B to 90s era guitar and then a Smashing Pumpkins / Nirvana era crunchy noise. I find the experimentation and genre mixing on this track interesting and worth a listen.

24. Pharrell ft. 21 Savage and Tyler the Creator: Cash In Cash Out

I have no idea how I missed this track. I feel guilty…like my friend said that they need help moving…and I could help…but I really want to see the new Jurassic Park movie, so I tell them that I can’t help because I need to take my mom to the doctor. That kind of guilty. Pharrell took a troll’s comment that he is just cashing in and made an aggressive driving hip hop track out of it. Tyler steals this track with some bars that you will find yourself listening to over and over.

23. Aldous Harding: Fever

This track snuck up on me. It is relatively simple in its construction, but perfect in its execution. Horns, piano, snare drum and a steady beat make for a catchy hook and a fun experience. You will find yourself bobbing along to the track and singing along. A fun track about hooking up and the thrill of connecting with someone.

22. Ethel Cain: American Teenager

This is a coming of age story with all the trials and tribulations of growing up in a disconnected society in America. What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be a person in the world? Why is whiskey so good? These are some of the questions Cain goes into in her rousing anthemic look at finding yourself. This is a big track that fills the space, but still tells a personal story. Cain has made the list before with Michelle Pfeiffer and is definitely an artist to watch.

21. Hikaru Utada: Somewhere Near Marseilles

This J – Pop club / dance track is oozing energy and is a ton of fun. Hikaru sings about love and a long distance relationship where she worries that she is one of many women her lover is involved with. She sings about wanting to be the only one over a neon soaked syth / electro drum bed. It is fun to listen to a straight dance track and just vibe out with it. So, turn the LEDs up to 11 and let loose on this track. Who has the glow sticks?

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