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GloRilla and Cardi B’s Tomorrow 2: Memphis’ Own Brings a Friend to Play

GloRilla blew up last year with her release F.N.F (Let’s Go), which made a lot of end of year lists. She follows other strong Memphis women like Gangsta Boo, who she worked with on a previous record, with her direct and aggressive delivery. In that respect, GloRilla is a perfect match with Cardi B’s post WAP fire tour. Cardi B is popping up on a bunch of tracks where she takes no prisoners, so I am excited to see how this track performs.

The track has some southern trap with GloRilla’s trademark drawl at its core. Cardi B is truly a supporting act in this track, while GloRilla is at centre stage. However, Cardi’s sharp and surgical delivery is an amazing foil for GloRilla’s thick delivery. It sounds like cutting pancake batter with a shot of tequila. Regardless of that mental image, the contrast between the two styles works really well.

In all tracks where there are two artists the natural question is, who is your favourite? I have to give it to Cardi B, because she jumps in there at 100 and just sets the track on fire. The track itself is full of bars on money, power, sexuality and women exerting their agency. All of these themes are nothing new to either GloRilla or Cardi B and they take on the track with a sense of authority as two prominent women in hip hop. These are two women at the tops of their games and the track shines.

If you are new to GloRilla, you may be surprised how much she is inspired by Gangsta Boo; however, her style is all her own. She has been blowing up lately and her team up with Cardi B comes at a great time in her career. This is some hard hitting Memphis hip hop, which all hip hop fans will enjoy.

Listen to Tomorrow 2

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