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Shaggy and Patrice Roberts’ Whine and Jumping: Burn one Down at the Club

Shaggy recently jumped back on the scene with his Com Fly Wid Me record with Sting and a ton of Sinatra covers. I was glad to see Shaggy back in the limelight with how well this record was doing, but I wanted some original work. Well, Shaggy has delivered with a new 7 track EP In the Mood. It is great to get back into some Shaggy and just have fun.

Shaggy has always had unlimited energy and fun. He loves making music and making you move your body. Shaggy always had this blend of reggae, dub and club / house, which was perfect for massive crossover success. Next to Bob Marley and Peter Tosh…he’s probably the most successful crossover reggae artist. His new EP sees him leaning even more into club and dub as tracks just jump off the record in a barrage of bass, trap drums and walls of electro screams. The pace of this track will get you moving and resembles a Peloton spin class more than a track. You sweat just listening to it, but there is more going on here. Even though he is still firmly in the club, Shaggy’s sound has evolved with the club and borrows from Skrillex and other EDM masters with his mix of electro beats, bass drops and vocal effects. This keeps his music fresh and fun…which are Shaggy’s trademarks.

Lyrically this is everything you want in a club track. Verses about smoking huge blunts, making napalm-esque rum drinks and…of course…jumping until the morning. It is pure fun and excess, but it still has that classic Shaggy joy. His vocal has not lost anything since Boombastic and is this intoxicating combination of deep roughness complimented by a smooth delivery. Moreover, Patrice Roberts turns her vocal energy up to 11, which is a great pairing with Shaggy’s ultra club cool demeanour.

This is a great track that is as much at home in the club as it is on your private workout mix. What I love the most is that Shaggy is not sitting still and relying on nostalgia, but continuing to evolve and bringing on some other hit reggae artists. I only wish this was a full LP.

Listen to Whine and Jumping

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