Where are the old Jukebox Shows?

Hi Jukeboxers! This is a quick update to explain where all the old Cigar Jukebox shows are. Well, there was a complaint lodged for the music in the shows and that there was too much licensed music in the shows. So, I needed to take them all down. I’m sorry about all of this, but I want to thank all the loyal fans who supported and loved the show over the last few years. Fortunately, we have Spotify playlists for Prime Time Jukebox, so this will not be an issue for the new show. Over the next few months the site will have Prime Time Jukebox shows on it, but for now the site will be mostly reviews. Sorry about this, but it was a risk I managed for the last few years of the show. Thanks for the support and enjoy the reviews and Prime Time Jukebox. Also, post comments and send me some emails on what you think of the reviews and the site. Your feedback and support will take this site to the next level.

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