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Prime Time Jukebox Episode 20: The 2020 Halloween Show

October is a big month for us. We’re celebrating Rocktober on Cigar Jukebox and the month wraps up with Halloween. To get ready for Halloween, we will talk about our favorite Halloween films and tracks with our special guest, Rob Rasmussen from Cigar Dojo!

We will also reflect on the passing of Eddie Van Halen, Helen Reddy, and Johnny Nash. Dave will have his New Music 45, including some new music from the legendary Stevie Wonder

During the show, we all smoke the Tatuaje MBS FK, a new permutation of the famous Tatuaje Monsters series!

Audio Link: Prime Time Jukebox Episode 20 Audio: The 2020 Halloween Show

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William Cooper is a Owner of Indian Trail Media LLC, and the founder of the Cigar Coop brand, the cigar industry's true 365 a year periodical. He is also the host of the Cigar Coop Prime Time Show, Cigar Coop Prime Time Special Edition, and Prime Time Jukebox.

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