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Dave and Stormzy’s Clash: The Kings of UK Hip Hop

If you love UK hip hop like me, Dave’s new record We’re All Alone in This Together is a treasure. This is Dave’s sophomore record and it has all the hallmarks of great UK hip hop. He has smooth trap / jazz beats, an intoxicating delivery and insightful / fun verses. Most of the tracks deal with human connection within a largely segmented and disconnected world. However, the standout for me is the monster tag team of Dave and Stormzy on Clash.

First of all, I love Stormzy. He is London through and through, as well as a true workin’ that hustle story. He really hit the streets of London and just grind his way to the top of UK hip hop. This all culminated in an electric show at Glastonbury a couple years ago. You may still be able to see it on the BBC iView app and it is jaw dropping. A true entertainer who throws fire and shows why he is a titan of UK hip hop.

Most importantly, he works really well on a hip hop two hander. He can fall right into the flow and elevate his partner, rather than steamroll over a track. On Clash, he and Dave seamlessly work together to create an iconic track. The track itself is about two of the hardest workers in UK celebrating their success. There are references to expensive cars, multiple Rolex watches, Jordans and flying to Dubai. This is a classic hip hop flex and both artists deserve it. Dave burst on the scene with his first Earth shattering record Psychodrama set him on a path to hip hop stardom, while Stromzy had a slow burn to the top. This track is not just two rappers flexing bling, but a culmination of years of hard hustle and grind.

Musically, the smooth trap-esque beats lull you into a trance like state. Dave’s and Stormzy’s smooth delivery underlines this vibe. Think smoking a nice blunt over sweating at the dancehall. You bob your head and let Clash sweep you away off into the distance. Moreover, the silence where Stormzy comes in highlights how you are in the presence of something special. The music is both smooth and dramatic, much like the two behind the mics.

Dave and Stormy’s Clash is a classic rap duo formula executed to perfection. Both Dave and Stormzy bounce off of each other for four minutes of bliss. It is a great track about how two of the largest acts in the UK are now at the top of the hill and bringing you along for the ride….a ride in a really expensive whip with Rolexes raining from the sky…but what else could you ask for?

Listen to Clash

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