Dedication Show Info.

For the past 7 years, or so, we have done a dedication show. This show has always had a huge listener response and has dated back to the early Cigar Jukebox days. It started when my father – in – law and dad died within a month of each other. They were both big fans of the show, so I wanted to do a dedication show for them and smoke a Las Calaveras, the 2015 edition. However, I felt that the listeners were like family and I wanted to include them in the show. So, I asked listeners to send in a song dedication for a loved one who passed away. The response was huge and the dedication show was born.

We have always smoked the latest Las Calaveras, from Crowned Heads, for the show. The story of the Las Calaveras as celebrating loved ones who have passed away fit the vibe of the show perfectly. Jon Huber has always been a large supporter of the show and even came on one year to talk about the Las Cal. I am grateful for his support and the Las Cal will always be a part of the show.

Here is how it goes:

  1. You write a song dedication for a loved one who has passed away and send it to Sending them all to one email ensures that we do not miss any.
  2. Write a little about the person and the connection to the song.
  3. We will collect them and read out the dedications and stories on the show.
  4. We will also make a Spotify play list of all the dedication songs.
  5. Have your dedication in by March 21st. This is so we can compile them before we record the show later that week.

This has always been a special show for us and I thank everyone for their involvement. We will keep reminding you on the show, so stay tuned.

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