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Lizzo’s About Damn Time: Lizzo Channels her Inner Disco

Lizzo has been huge on the scene and taking hip hop by storm. Ahead of her new record Special she has released a disco inspired single About Damn Time. With Diana Ross’ acclaimed record Thank You coming out last year, a fresh disco infused pop has been making its way back into the mainstream. Even back in 2013 Janelle Monáe came out with a disco inspired funk / pop record called The Electric Lady. Let’s see how Lizzo brings a disco glimmer to her raw hip hop.

Lizzo opens with some bass, guitar and keyboard that seems like it comes straight from Studio 54. This is 70s glam with hip hop muscle. All the funk and synth…complete with wind chymes…gives me visions of rollerskating with pink flares and mirror balls. Musically, the song reminds me a lot of Silk Sonic’s award winning record An Evening With Silk Sonic in how it melts pop, disco and funk into a gold bar of joy. The track just moves. Like Q – Tip, this track’s unbridled joyous groove is the resurrector who can wake up the dead. I mean, there is synth part that mimics jazz flute….how great is that?!

Lyrically, the track is pure Lizzo. Often peppered with “bitch” Lizzo sings about sexuality, individuality and her power as a woman. She starts the track with “It’s bad bitch o’clock,” which might be one of the best opening lines ever in music. Moreover, this song is about putting your stress aside and letting the music give you hope. She sings about how she feels she is going to be ok and going to make it through the pressure in her life. I mean, she is “way to fine to be this stressed.” There is even a call and response section “I’m comin’ out tonight” in the second half of the track. Be sure to go see Lizzo in concert, because this track will go off live.

Much like Koffe’s x10, Lizzo brings us an upbeat song about hope and making it through to the other side. Even though we have not seen Lizzo lean so far into disco / pop before, her energy that we have fallen in love with shines through. She is at the top of her game and this is going to be a huge track this year.

Listen to About Damn Time

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