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Megan Thee Stallion’s Pressurelicious: Houston’s Bringing the Fire

Megan Thee Stallion has been busy with She Hulk, touring the world and being a cultural icon…but she has found time to put out a killer new record. It has not been that long since her last record, which came out in 2020 and came shortly after the mega song WAP took over the world. Her new record Traumazine brings the hard hitting Stallion you love with an endless line of guest artists from Rico Nasty to Dua Lipa. In fact, Pressurelicious features Future as a Megan’s hype-man, which is amazing.

The track itself does not have a ton of music to get int he way of Stallion’s fire. Like most modern hip hop, Pressurelicious is a stripped back more jagged version of southern trap. This works really well with the track as Stallion’s aggressive bars and famous groans punctuate trap beats. Musically, Pressurelicious reminds me of Pusha T’s Numbers on the Boards, which sounds like a cross between a bass machine and a hand held video game from Radio Shack. However, much like Pusha T, Stallion uses silence in her track to great effect and drama.

In a lot of ways, this track is the sequel to WAP. Essentially, this is a track about how hot Megan Thee Stallion is, how great at sex she is, why you should want to have sex with her and expensive things you should buy her. Classic hip hop. This is my favourite hip hop style, which is people dropping bars about how great they are. Much like WAP, this track centres Stallion as the agent of her sexuality, which is far from the objectification of women in most hip hop. In fact, this traditional male gaze hip hop is totally flipped by Future taking the minor role in the track and going on about how he is addicted to Stallion. In male dominated hip hop women are largely objects for men’s sexual gratification, but Stallion turns this on its head with Future’s hype – man role. Brilliant.

This is the Megan Thee Stallion you want…sexy, powerful, confident and X rated. I love this track and I love getting great music from Stallion. Much like She Hulk…I will kill for you Megan Thee Stallion!

Listen to Pressurelicious

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