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Top 50 of 2022: #40 – 36 / Some Aussie Music, An Artist Double and The Dark Knight

This block has some great stuff in it. There’s a rare double by one artist and a rare entry from a movie score. There is a little something for everyone in this block, so I am very excited to start working through the tracks. So, let’s not waste anymore time and get going.

40. FKA Twigs and The Weeknd: Tears in the Club

This is a track that just drips with neon and sex. Robotic effects on the vocals gives the track an other worldly quality and you feel like you are floating away. Twigs and the Weeknd are a perfect match and has me wishing for an entire record with both of them. This is a great track to throw on at a party or when you are getting your drank on before hitting the clubs.

39. Jem Cassar – Daley: Letting Go

The daughter of Aussie country icon, and past top 50 artist, Troy Cassar – Daley, Jem, is making a name for herself in the indie / country scene in Australia. Her track Letting Go is a great mix of indie style vocals with stripped back country arrangements. She does not have a ton of music out thus far, but I think you will hear a lot from her in the future. She has talent and let’s hope there are a few duets with her father.

38. The Weeknd: Sacrifice

The second time in this block has The Weeknd on his latest record Dawn FM. A mix of disco and soul has the Weeknd moving off of his usual cocaine fuelled track about hooking up at the clubs to a song with a bit more going on. He is singing about sex, but it is more about his unwillingness to connect emotionally with people and not wanting to sacrifice himself for a relationship. This is a darker side of the Weeknd on a record about excess and learning from your mistakes. What lesson will he learn from Sacrifice?

37. Michael Giacchino: The Batman Main Theme

Probably the most epic and best constructed superhero movie score ever, The Batman score had to make the list. Giacchino said that he patterned the entire score off of Nirvana’s Something in the Way as he listened to the song on repeat while he wrote the score. Each song takes a twist on the Nirvana track and the main theme is epic, dark and mysterious. I love this track and it is an excellent match for the film.

36. The Linda Lindas: Talking to Myself

In their follow – up to Racist, Sexist Boy the Linda Lindas kept their skater punk vibe with 4/4 drums, grinding guitar and fun vocals. Unlike their earlier work, there are more harmonies going on here and better production overall. They have a lot of coming of age tracks that really grounds the band and suits their style. Have a listen for some fun with a deeper meaning about what it is like being a teenager in 2022.

We are slowly moving towards number one. The next block will have neon, stones and a storm….

2 comments on “Top 50 of 2022: #40 – 36 / Some Aussie Music, An Artist Double and The Dark Knight

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