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Top 50 of 2022: #35 – 31 / Some Hot Stones, A Hip Hop Storm and Neon

We are making our way through the top 50 songs of 2022 and listening to some fantastic music. This was a very strong year and we are starting to get into some music that in most years would be in the top 20. Let’s get into it:

35. Julia Jacklin: I was Neon

Yep, more Aussie music! Julia was a past top 50 member and is back with her latest record Pre Pleasure. Unlike her past entry Pressure to Party, I was Neon is a bit more refined with more of an indie rock vibe. The record on a whole is an introspective indie folk journey that delivers excellent writing and vocal magic.

34. Stormzy: Mel Made me do It

I love when rappers rap about how great they are at rapping…and that is what this Stormzy track is all about. Bar after bar about his hustle from a local London up ‘n comer to a world renowned rapper on the Wakanda Forever soundtrack. At over seven minutes this epic rap opera does not run out of gas. He has really blown up the last few years and I look forward to haring the entire record.

33. Kurt Vile: Like Exploding Stones

With all the big releases this year, you can easily forget that Kurt Vile came out with a new record. The easy going loosely structured indie rocker brings a fuzzy, cosmic transcendent quality to this outer space alt folk tune. Much like Vile’s other work, it is more of a vibe than a structured track. I love his easy going rambling nature and this track has that carefree 70s vibe on full display.

32. Orville Peck: Daytona Sand

Every year I think Orville Peck is going to break through and he seems to be right on the edge. On Daytona Sand he gives his romantic 1950s style western ballads a modern twist. He has one of the best vocal ranges in pop music and uses it to its full effect. He sings about love, romance and a longing for the endless surf. This song has a great energy to it and I hope Peck’s breakthrough is not far off.

31. Robert Glasper ft. Killer Mike, BJ The Chicago Kid and Big K.R.I.T.: Black Superhero

Robert Glasper has engaged in some amazing collabs with hip hop artists in the past few years. Black Superhero off of Black Radio III calls to attention racial injustice, but also honours the everyday black superheroes on every corner and in everyday life. THe point is that there are back people every day who stand up to injustice and inequality in their neighbourhoods who are superheroes in their own right. Galsper easily matches his modern jazz style to Killer Mike, BJ and Big K.R.I.T. on this track. A fantastic track that highlights how Glasper is the face of modern jazz.

We are rapidly coming upon the most stacked top 20 in music history. However, before we get there we need to talk about a chair, a firecracker and a Satanic storm.

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