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Top 50 of 2022: #30 – 26 / What do you Get When you Cross a Chair, a Firecracker and a Satanic Storm?

The answer to the headline is, five great songs! You probably guessed that though. There is an icon in this block, a song that caught the world by storm and one weird track. So, let’s stop messing around and get into the music.

30. Tropical Fuck Storm and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Satanic Slumber Party

This is a track in three parts, which spans an epic eighteen minutes. This is more of a LCD induced performance piece than a song, but I cannot stop listening to it. This is Australian psychedelic fuzz rock turned up to 11. One can imagine this song on repeat within the Mad Max apocalypse as Mel Gibson trolls the desert in his chrome death machine. This track is pure expression and worth the experience.

29. Father John Misty: Goodbye Mr. Blue

Breaking through with his record Fear Fun in 2012, Father John Misty had pushed the boundaries of indie folk with raw story telling and creative arrangements. Nearly a decade later, Goodbye Mr. Blue is a refreshingly straight forward west coast 70s folk track. Misty sings about mortality and trying to savour every last moment in life and every moment you have with those you love. Misty has always been a fantastic writer and this more restrained folk track is a great listen.

28. The Smile: You Will Never Work in Television Again

What started out as a COVID project before a virtual music festival with Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Tom Skinner turned into a full record. This is a throwback to the early, more punk, days of Radiohead where Thom’s intoxicating wail soared above crunching guitar and snapping percussion. It was a time before York became obsessed with electronic soundscapes and hundreds of hours of post – production. An excellent side project worth a listen.

27. Wet Leg: Chaise Lounge

This is a track that took over the world when it was released. Catchy, sexy and raw, Wet Leg’s track has it all and packs a punch. Their “I’m above this” disinterested vocal amplifies the sexiness of the track and gives it a cool vibe that I find in Bridget Bardot’s music. It is a fun sexy track that is an easy listen and will have you hitting repeat for hours.

26. Dolly Parton: Firecracker

At 76, Dolly is still putting out new music and the latest is off of her 48th studio record. That’s right, 48th! Firecracker sees Dolly at her best, which is belting out a good ol’ Bluegrass track with a lot of energy. This is a fast track with a ton of character where Dolly’s vocals do not have to carry it, which gives her the freedom to go for it. A fun track that gives you a great dose of Dolly.

Ok. From here on out we are looking at tracks that could have easily been in the top 10 in any other year. So, I am not going to give you any more witty hints and keep the tracks a surprise. You’ll have to tune in to see what they are.

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